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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lying To Get To The Truth - #23 in the series

For this moment, in order to put some substance to this universe of no substance, I would like for you to mock-up this universe as being an infinite ocean of water that is completely around you in all three hundred and sixty degrees.  This ocean is a single body of water that goes on and on and on, in all directions, forever and ever. There is no center and there are no edges or levels. It is a single living entity and it is completely aware of being aware.  This living entity is fully and completely aware of its infinity and is fully and completely aware of that awareness.

If you alter your point of view within this ocean of infinity you will discover that it is composed of incredibly tiny individual molecules.  Each separate molecule, which from now on we’ll call a life unit, shares many identical characteristics with every other life unit that together compose this infinite ocean entity.  However, each single life unit has uniqueness peculiar to it and it alone.  In other words, each unit has its own unique identity, unique will, unique basic personality and is a single unit (individual) of infinite consciousness that is an integral part of the whole.
Every life unit in this infinite ocean entity is fully and completely aware of every other life unit as being an individual unit of a more expansive entity.  This includes having the complete awareness of every other life unit and being fully aware of having that awareness.  Also, each life unit has the full and complete awareness of the whole ocean entity as being the whole ocean entity, as well as, a full and complete awareness of any myriad of combined life units (groups) that have come together to represent and be a single unique composite identity.  Note: the divisions and subdivisions, groupings and combinations among the life units are, as you can imagine, completely without limitation.

Okay. So we now have ourselves a mocked-up image of this universe we’re putting our attention on.  Now, delete the mass of water without deleting any of the units of awareness.  Ah yes.  That’s better.  That’s a better lie.  That’s a little closer to a true perception of life.

It’s occurring to me that you may be somewhat puzzled by my continual reference to lies and using lies to take you closer to a perception of truth.  Let me attempt to clarify that issue.

This universe that we’re mocking up, which I refer to as life, is void of everything and anything that we have come to know and agree or disagree with.  In other words, this universe is completely void of matter, energy, space and time (the component parts of our shared physical universe).  Admittedly, that concept is very difficult for us, in our present condition, to get our wits around.  In fact, at this point in time, we can’t really even get close to doing so even if we think we can. But I digress.  Anyway, life is truth.  Life is actuality.  But this harmonic of truth and actuality in this universe (being outside of the apparent universal space) is an awareness or, more accurately, a knowingness.  In other words, it is not something you see.  If you think you see it (in some physical sense), it is not truth you are seeing but an illusion.  Truth does not persist long enough for you to see it because truth (actuality) is simultaneously both creation and destruction in the NOW.  The illusion, though, being a lie, will persist and can be perceived and agreed with and can become a being’s reality.

Everything emanates from life.  Life has a limitless ability to mock-up anything and everything it intends in any way it intends. That is to say that life has a limitless ability to create illusions. When life mocks something up to view and for other life to view (remember all life is aware of all life and what all of life is doing) then that mock-up, that illusion, if agreed upon, becomes reality beyond its source.  But the illusion is an illusion and is not truth.  It may be real but it is a lie.  And the only way something can be continuously viewed (persist), as an observable tangible thing in this universe called life, is if it is a lie - the more lies there are about something the greater its persistence. Yes, that would mean that our shared physical universe is a lie. It is an illusion. To see some of your own illusions that you are creating, look at your life.  If you have an unwanted condition that continues to persist, you can be sure that this condition is composed of numerous lies.  When you accurately spot the lies and the exact source of the lies (the exact moment in time and space when the lie was created) the unwanted condition will vanish.  It might have been very real but it was never the truth.  Knowing the truth unmocks the lies.

What is a lie?  A lie is an alteration.  It is saying that something is, which isn’t or saying that something that does exist doesn’t exist or any infinite number of variables of alterations one can mock-up.

The Space Outside - We Have Arrived! #22 in the series

Here is where it gets exceptionally tricky for me as your guide.  I want to show you something that is impossible to show you.  We are going to attempt to leave a nothing that we are convinced is a never ending something and go to an actual something, which is truly infinite; yet we perceive it as a nothing.  Because there are no words that can come even close to symbolizing what we’re attempting to approach, I will use common words to describe uncommon things.  Essentially I am going to use a string of lies to get you as close to a perception of truth as I can.  I know.  It sounds crazy.

Through my words I am going to provide you with a light sketch of a particular scene.  To these sketches, you will have to add the dimension, color, sound, texture, etcetera. I assume that you will do so with concepts and images that are familiar to you, but I do encourage you to keep an eye out for any new unfamiliar images that happen to appear on the scene.  I have a feeling that, particularly at this stage of our journey, some might just show up.

We are now going to mock-up a universe.  We are going to begin with getting a sense of what is not in this universe and then see how it goes from there.

In this universe we are mocking up there is no matter.  There is no motion.  There is no space. There is no location.  There is no dimension.  There is no distance. There is no light.  There is no dark.  There is no wavelength.  There is no sound.  There is no form. There is no smell. There is no fast.  There is no slow. There is no energy.  There is no big.  There is no small.  There is no taste. There is no evil.  There is no sensation. There is no age. There are no numbers. There is no game. There is no start.  There is no end.

I realize that per this description you could easily assume that the universe we are mocking up is nothing but a void, but I assure you, this universe is most definitely not a void. This universe IS the space outside. The irony is, that once you’ve entered the space outside you are no longer in a space. Indeed, rather than to state that we have emerged into the space outside it would be more accurate to state, that we are now outside of space. And because we are outside of space we no longer have any location. We just ARE. We exist as a CAUSE, as a SOURCE, as a CONSCIOUSNOUS, as a ONE.

Before we continue I want to encourage you to just stop right here and take some time to stretch out your imagination as far as you possibly can and try to get some kind of feel for this universe.  Take some time and really mock this universe up. Take as long as you need.  There is no hurry. The next paragraph will wait patiently for as long as you need.

There are a few words that I am familiar with, which I have chosen to use in order to label this universe.  And though the concepts these words and phrases symbolize are so utterly and significantly less than adequate for this universe, they are the best lies I can find in the English language.  In no particular order, these words are; eternity, infinity, source, that which is aware of being aware, cause, truth, love, creation, serenity of being, integrity, actuality, √©lan vital, God, thought and my favorite - life.  There is another word and that is the word, home. And I suspect that you might know of or have other words that you would choose to represent this universe.

You see this universe we have begun to mock-up is actually our universe. It is our home. We can never go here because we are, in fact, always here and have never really left.  But this is a universe where there is no here or there. It is actually much more accurate to state that we ARE this universe.  It is not a separate thing from us.  It is you, it is I and it is we and we are it.  The universe that I like to call life is indeed a true static. 

And it is here, where there is no here, where our game begins.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

PART II - The Spiral Staircase - #21 in the series

We are now, both in time and space…very, very, very far away from The Confederation. Indeed, as we emerge from this rabbit hole we are brushing up against the space outside. We are brushing up against actuality.
The Spiral Staircase

Every single person is holding a position on hers or his very own spiral staircase which is peculiar to them.  Every family, every group of any kind, every fragment of any civilization, and the entire population as a whole are also positioned at some point on their own spiral staircase. And, all of these spiral staircases are intertwined. We’re all there in the mix somewhere as is the entire physical universe.

If you could look up from the step you are standing on your spiral staircase just goes up and up and up until it eventually disappears.  And if you could look down the staircase it would continue downward until it became a tiny speck then it would also disappear out of sight. So the first thing we discover is that one of the concepts the spiral staircase represents is infinity.  We also see that as the staircase goes higher the steps get progressively larger and less dense and as it goes lower the steps get progressively smaller and more condensed. Thus, it is both an expanding and a dwindling spiral staircase. So, its shape is actually that of a cone.

Now imagine that you are not on the staircase.  You are backed away from it a considerable distance.  In fact you are backed away so far that you are only seeing the staircase as being a thin vertical line with no apparent beginning or end. You cannot see a top or a bottom to this line.  But, as the line goes up it gets increasingly broader and seemingly translucent and as it goes down it gets increasingly thinner and darker.  You start to slowly move closer and before long you’re close enough to make out that this line is not exactly a straight line.  You are now close enough to distinguish that the line is actually a cone shaped spiral. You continue to go closer.  Finally you’re close enough to actually see that spiral is composed of seemingly never ending steps.  You move even closer and as you get really close to one of the steps, so close that the rest of the staircase disappears from view, you see that there is now another endless vertical line in front of you.  You don’t stop but continue zooming in closer and closer towards the line. As you do you once again discover the spiral in the line followed by the view of steps.  You go closer and very quickly find yourself on a duplicate step to the previous one and once again, you’re looking at another line.  You hesitate for a moment then stop.  You start to ponder the meaning of the phenomena you’re experiencing.  You wonder what will happen if you keep moving in closer.  What will you find?  Will there be yet another line that is really a spiral too?  What could possibly be at the end of this?  And then there’s the really important question, if you keep going forward will you be able to return to where you started?

The questions begin to gnaw away at you. The next thing you become aware of is that you have hesitated too long and have fallen into the maybe trap where decisions are nonexistent. You are now stuck in a state of limbo without motion or direction. You observe time and events moving past you as if you weren’t even there. Then something happens.  A whisper of intention floats by and you latch onto it with a death grip.  Without any delay whatsoever you make a decision! Voila! You have freed yourself from the maybe trap.  You’re now out and fluid again.

You muster up some courage and allow your adventuresome spirit to once again take the reins.  You decide to push on and see just how far this strange phenomenon will take you.  You continue moving closer to what is ever in front of you and as you do the bewildering phenomenon just keeps repeating itself over and over and over, again and again and again. Myriad of repetitions later you arrive at a step and there is no other line to be seen.  But the question now looms, where have you arrived?  And will you be able to find your path back the way you came in?

You are now standing on a single step.  You see no other step anywhere.  There’s just the one you’re on but you vaguely sense another step above this one and the more you adjust your perceptions you begin to see other steps just below.  But as one perception expands another fades.  You are unable to see from where you have journeyed.  In fact, you have no recollection of ever having been anywhere prior to where you are now. This is it. You are now located at your awareness level on a spiral staircase within a spiral staircase within a spiral staircase and so on and so on seemingly forever and ever.  Evidently you are located somewhere within eternity.
From your position on this step i.e., your level of awareness, is from where you perceive, create and live your life.  Your reality of your environment, the world and the universe is all contained right here on this step.  What is real to you, what is true for you is manifest for you by way of your agreements.  In other words, what is real for you is what you agree is real for you.  What is true for you is what you agree to be true for you.  And what you do or don’t do, what you perceive or don’t perceive, what you believe or don’t believe is completely determined and limited by your agreements. In other words, and more specifically, your decisions.
You are not alone.

Remember, you are on one step on a staircase of infinite steps.  There are many, many steps above and below you but those that are above, except for possibly the next step up, exist outside of your level of awareness.  The few steps that you are aware of that exist below yours are steps you have no desire or wish to even visit.  But as you look down you recognize people that you once used to know.  You see some old friends standing a few steps down and feel a pang of sadness drift into your space as the memories of a past time spent with those people parade by in front of you.

Occasionally, unknown circumstances will catapult someone briefly up to a higher step not ever even envisioned. When this event actually happens to someone and then they later return to “reality” where they feel obligated to share their experience, it is not uncommon for them to come face-to-face with ridicule from others. They have moved out of the accepted levels of group agreement.  Their reality is no longer the agreed upon reality and that immediately sets them apart making them undesirable and sometimes even considered dangerous to associate or communicate with.  Or, they become very attractive to a small percentage of others that hang on their every word and will do anything they are told to do by the person.  In other words, in the extreme, they can become cult leaders. 

Note: On occasion a life unit, for whatever reason, will have the experience where its lower mind backs off far away from its vicinity and during this time is not exerting its negative influences upon the life unit, the life unit’s higher mind or the life unit’s organism.  In that finite period of time the life unit will perhaps suddenly find itself once again in possession of surprising “supernatural” abilities or will experience life altering changes of perception (epiphanies) that are usually categorized as being religious experiences.  These moments might only exist for seconds or might last throughout an entire lifetime of the identity one is temporarily being. 

On every spiral staircase including every spiral staircase within every spiral staircase within infinity and awareness, there is a very thin line of demarcation. Above the line of demarcation there is awareness and degrees of more and more awareness.  Below the line is unawareness and degrees of less and less awareness.  There are no absolutes on any part of this staircase.
The population on planet earth has always fluctuated only slightly between an incredibly small grouping of little steps on our collective staircase.  But, in this place and time, remains well below any line of demarcation. In other words, the population of planet earth has been pretty much “fixed” in a state of unknowing unconscious both spiritually and mentally.

There is more data to explore but we will now move on and possibly return to this mock-up later.