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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Separation from Self as Cause - # 27 in the series

If a life unit constantly wins the game that it is playing the game eventually becomes a no-game condition.  If a life unit constantly loses at the game it is playing then that circumstance will also eventually become a no-game condition. A no-game condition is both undesirable and unacceptable to a life unit.  In either situation, the only answer the life unit will apply to remedy the condition is to further lower its knowingness allowing it to restart the game at a different level (lower level) with the idea that a good game can be played at this level.  What is a good game?  A good game is a game that has the optimum balance between the predictable and the unpredictable elements of the game and presents a sufficient challenge to the life unit where the life unit knows it has a more than good chance of winning but yet is not completely certain of winning.  That’s a good game.  And, by the way, somewhere in there you can also find the root of happiness.

Bringing order to this chaotic illusion proves to be a very difficult objective to the life units (at least they pretend it is) so they begin to ignore that particular objective and start to mock-up all sorts of other good games to play with one another.  They mock up an incredible and immense diversity of galaxies and planetary systems to serve as props for their games. Populating their planets with all manner of life forms becomes the new rage that all the life units get quite vigorous about.  They then animate their mocked-up populations like little boys do with their plastic army men and little girls do with their Barbie dolls.   The life units mock-up incredibly detailed civilizations including architecture, art, culture, social and political systems and getting very detailed as to the types and color combinations of trim on the front porches of the houses and the design of the doorknobs, the style of clothing the life forms wear and even how they wear their hair and so on and so forth.  And then, as part of an agreed upon game, one life unit will have its people attack the mocked-up people of its opponent in the game and vice a versa.  These games become extremely popular among the life units.  In fact, with these really fun games to play the desire or need to sort out the chaos, which is the physical universe becomes less and less. In other words, life begins to get distracted from the original game. The variations on these types of games played by the life units playing with this illusion is enormous and the games get increasingly more complicated, serious and forceful as the life units continue to lower their knowingness in order to be able to have a game.

Note:  I am not making any reference to time as we go through this experience because the lengths of time, in earth terms of time, is so expansive that the numbers would be so unrealistic that they would have no meaning for us.  Just realize that the span of time that we’re going through here, from our point of view and in our terms, is very, very, very, very long.

Well, this type of game activity goes on and goes on and goes on some more then something incredibly harmful occurs in the illusion that is comparable to strapping rocket engines, which are blasting their full force, onto a plane that is already in a free fall.  The dwindling spiral greatly tightens its spirals with the addition of this new lie entered into the illusion.

Until this point in the illusion, every single life unit in the overall game maintained a level of responsibility where they fully knew they were being one hundred percent cause for everything they and every other life unit was experiencing. In other words, they knew that they were the source of all and they fully knew that they were engaged in a game of pretense.  They fully knew they were playing in an illusion that was of their own creation and being an illusion they knew it was not truth.  It was their product and they were, one for one, quite proud of this creation of theirs. They were also fully aware of a constant and consecutive self-imposed reduction of knowingness that they could undo whenever they intended.  But this new lie added into the illusion began to rapidly change all of that.

A life unit is eternal.  It is infinity.  It is impossible to hurt or destroy or in anyway disparage a life unit.  But the life unit, as itself, is capable of assuming any point of view and is also capable of being, doing or having absolutely anything it intends.  Another way to look at it would be to say that life has the ability to be the complete effect of its own cause and be fully aware of what is going on and how.  But life had entered onto a descending path where it constantly was lowering its knowingness and understanding in order to continue having a good game and, even though life had an awareness of this condition, maybe that’s why life so readily went into agreement with the absurd notion that it could hurt another life unit and other life units could hurt it.  It was just looked at as another element of the game that could be undone at anytime.

Well, whatever the reason this notion came into being and regardless of how it much it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, it did not play out to be a good idea at all.  In fact, it became the booby-trap that gave life a one-way ticket DOWN in the dwindling spiral.  And not long after the full acceptance of this idea there came one bad idea (lie) after another.  Life was acting like a drowning man who kept asking that he be given another concrete block to hold onto.  And every time he asked for it he got it.  And as he descended the games began to get increasingly more uncomfortable, more solid, more complicated, more forceful and more serious.  The games began to cease being recognized as the illusions they were and began to be considered as being real.  But the drowning man had reduced his knowingness, his perception and his understanding to such a degree that he was no longer aware that he was the one who was both requesting and delivering himself the blocks.  He began to pretend that someone else was doing this to him.  He invested himself so fully into this pretense that he new that someone or something else was the cause that was responsible for his condition at which point the illusion became his very real eternity.  And he found himself quite trapped in his own creation.

Do you see the irony here?  The illusion, which we know as the physical universe of matter, energy, space and time comes into being.  This universe is a chaotic and confused universe that was preceded by a state of orderly creation.  And in being an illusion it is a lie and because it is a lie it has persistence.  If you could assign a purpose to an illusion the fundamental purpose of this particular illusion would be to bring chaos to order. Or, another way to put it would be, to make nothing out of something.  Life, on the other hand, looks upon this illusion as a very wonderful creation that offers a plethora of game opportunities including the primary game objective of bringing order to the chaos, or, to make a something out of this nothing.  And so the contest between life and life’s created illusion i.e., the physical universe began.  But the surprise is, that all knowing all-powerful life has been on a continuous path of losing in this contest against its own creation.  And that circumstance I see as being incredibly ironic to the point of being a reduction to absurdity.

Adding Time - #26 in the series

This new game proves to be a wonderful game and as it is being played it is constantly being augmented by the life units in their continual creating of new universes that they add to the mix.  Of course, this not only enlarges the illusion but it also makes the game more complex and difficult to play. The game is great fun and all the life units involved are having a marvelous time. Then someone has another bright idea (and gets complete agreement) to add a new component to the universe and this particular component, at a certain stage of the game, generates a very detrimental effect.  The new component is time and it’s made retroactive to the beginning of this new collective universe.

Time proves to be the ne plus ultra of lies.  It is the ultimate arbitrary illusion within the illusion.  By adding the illusion of time to the overall illusion a life unit, in order to duplicate, its own unique illusion, now has to, not only reassemble every single particle of energy, matter and space, but has to reassemble every single particle of energy, matter and space in its own exact moment of time of creation.  And if the exact time is not included, the illusion cannot be unmocked and will therefore continue to persist.

Note: There is another factor regarding the new universe that I want to mention to you but I will not be going into great detail about it. But I do want to register it at this time.

This new universe illusion is contained in its own space. But, as you might imagine with a universe that is essentially a composite of trillions and trillions of independent universes, it has many other manifestations of space, matter, energy and time within it. In the woof and warp of its fabric, this universe has many, many, many layers of independent frequencies that are in and of themselves unique arrangements of physical space, energy, matter and time i.e., unique universes. You could compare these to radio frequencies where by adjusting the receiver on your radio or television set, you are able to tune in different broadcasts that exist simultaneously but separately from one another by way of being on different modulations of carrier waves within the same overall space but not the same exact space.

As a side note: In the physical universe illusion it is a law that no two things can occupy the exact same location in space and time (and therein that simple little law, my friend, is the secret to how the life units will eventually come to unmock the physical universe illusion and win the game).

Sometimes with radio signals, when conditions are just right but wrong, one frequency will somehow intertwine with another and cause a disturbance. For usually just a moment or two, the listener and/or viewer will be able to see and/or hear two different broadcasts that are overlapping in the same unit of time. This phenomenon also occurs in regards to random universes, which exist on different frequencies, when they momentarily intertwine and overlap with our universe on its particular frequency or ours does so on some other universe frequency. This circumstance, occurring over the millennia, has been a source of inspiration for stories of fairies, goblins, leprechauns, hobbits, giants, and many, many more “fantasies” and horrible monsters, horrible places and remarkable beings and places as well that, as of yet, have never shown up in print or film. These frequencies have also been mistakenly referred to as being different dimensions such as the fourth, fifth, sixth and so on dimension. And they have been referred to as parallel universes but what they actually are is random unique universes with their own unique laws existing within the Grand Illusion as unique independent frequencies. Just like life exists and operates on this specific frequency, so it is doing on myriads squared of other frequencies within the same illusion. This means that it is totally possible that a life unit could be simultaneously playing games within a variety of universe frequencies and might very well be doing so.

The New Game - #25 in the series

Okay, here is where something very creative happens.  It is a finite cycle.  It has a start, middle and an end.  A life unit has a bright idea that gets instantaneous agreement from all of the other life units in our Dixie cup sample. In fact, the idea is so appealing that many life units outside our sample decide to join in. The idea is that any life units who want to play in this game agree to simultaneously "scoop" up their created universes and at the exact same moment (they create a temporary shared time for this), hurl their universes into a catch space that has been collectively created to receive all of the life units' universe illusions.

And so it is done.  And it is done with unbelievable force, intention and joy.

You might be wondering why in the heck life would decide to do such a thing.  The answer is simple.  For life this is just another activity of creating a new game. There’s no more significance to it than that.

We're probably all familiar with "The Big Bang" theory as to how our physical universe came into being but the current theory is tremendously off the mark!  However, there is obviously some long gone distant, distant miniscule bit of knowing regarding the origin of this particular game that is bleeding through and that's why there is such wide acceptance for this theory.

Imagine trillions upon trillions upon trillions of universes, each one different from the others, each one having its own creator and peculiar arrangement of space, simultaneously colliding in a single space.  Well, that’s as close as I can get to showing you how the physical universe that we so closely associate with came into existence.  But remember, it is only an illusion that has been brought into existence by life because life intended it to be.  And in being an illusion, it is not truth.  It is a lie.  And because it is a lie it persists.
Of course, this newly created universe is the epitome of chaos and confusion.  And that’s just the way life intended it.  That was a big part of the bright idea!

Prior to the confusion life was conducting an orderly state of play and there was a differentiation between the creator of one universe to that of another.  In other words there was a state of knowing prior to the confusion.  The collision of the universes brings about an intended state of unknowing.  And as life emerges out of the confusion it must again know (remember, in order for life to be confused it had to first create such a thing as confusion then agree to be the effect of it).  But this level of knowing is on a lower level than that prior to the confusion.  In any case, to reiterate, this event marks the creation of the beginning of the physical universe i.e., the great illusion.

Now, take a moment and recall your basketball mock-up. Recall the space where you mocked-up your basketball.  Good.  That space, the basketball and everything else in that space is yours.  It is your universe and you control it.  So imagine being in a space that is not yours.  Imagine that any energy or any matter that happens to be in the space is not at all familiar to you.  It’s not familiar because it’s not yours and you cannot control it.  This space, energy and matter does not respond to your commands.  And, as hard as you might try, you cannot make it go away.  You cannot unmock it.  This situation is the situation each life unit finds itself in after the “great collision.”  They are in a space where there is matter and there is energy but it is not their space, it is not their matter and it is not their energy.  Although their created universe is thoroughly enmeshed in this new universe, it is nowhere to be perceived.  This new universe is a chaotic confused illusion and it is in a state of continuous persistence.  And the life units, one and all, are thrilled by this new unpredictable set of circumstances.  It is a fantastic illusion and a great new game! 

Note:  I will be frequently referring to life as we go on in this mock-up.  The life, as a whole, or a life unit or life units that are part of this whole is referencing the quantity of life that we scooped up in our little Dixie cup sample and any others that decided to join their illusions into the great collision.  While all of life is quite aware of what is happening here, it is only this incredibly microscopic fraction of life that is directly involved with this particular illusion.

The new game’s goal becomes: Bring order to the chaos.  And the way that will be done is by each life unit locating every single particle of energy, matter and space that is their own illusion and then reassembling it to be EXACTLY like it was prior to the creation of the game. Of course, their own illusion is now scattered throughout this new universe and mixed up with every other life unit’s unique illusion. So, even for a life unit, this task is not going to be any piece of cake. The life units are not approaching solving this problem by focusing their attention on the confusion but by focusing their attention on the order that existed prior to the confusion. If they were to focus on the confusion they would just bring into existence a greater quantity of confusion.

Okay. Let’s look at this game a little closer but in a different way.  So we’ve got this scene of trillions upon trillions of unique and independent universes (represented as being sets of marbles) coming together in a forceful collision.  Well, if you will, imagine that there’s this huge front-end loader (a big tractor with a scoop/bucket on the front of it) that begins to go around and scoop up gobs and gobs of marble sets and when its bucket is brimming with marbles it goes and dumps them into this gigantic hoper (a big coned shaped box).  The front-end loader is relentless in its task and doesn’t stop until every last one of the marbles has been dropped into the hoper.  The hoper feeds the marbles into a gargantuan two-stage marble crusher and as the hoper’s chute doors are opened the marbles begin to gush down into the grinding jaws of the crusher.  The miniscule marble fragments leave the first stage of the crusher and enter the pulverizer from which they exit as microscopic grains of powder even finer than that of baking powder.  The powder is then scattered, like a plane dusting a farmer’s crop, throughout every square inch of space created for the new universe. Now that’s going to take some sorting out! What a game the life units have created for themselves!!!

Everything in this new universe (illusion) is in a constant state of motion.

Now that you have this image of how fantastically fractionalized, disbursed and confused the components of these universes are, I will reiterate what the game is.  The basic game is for each unit of life to locate all the particles of their universe and reassemble them into the exact universe they were prior to hurling them into one another.  As impossible as this sounds, it would not even take the slightest bit of effort from life to put it all back just like it was.  But that would not be a game.  So life reduces its knowingness to a point where there exists an enormity of unpredictable variables and the task of finding and reassembling one’s own universe is a problem of comparable magnitude to the ability of the life unit.

Note: You might be wondering what will happen once the life units have reassembled their unique universes. Well, at that precise instant of exact reassembly, the illusion ceases to exist. Game over! On to the next game…

The Dixie Cup - #24 in the series

In this ocean of life we have mocked-up let’s take a little Dixie Cup, the size used for something like mouthwash, dip it into this ocean and fill it to the brim with life.  Now let’s zoom in and take a look at our sample to see if we can tell what life is doing.  What we see is life doing what life does best and that is creating.  Life is creation.  What is creation?  Well, creation is the action of bringing something into existence.  It is the action of making something out of nothing and that happens to be the greatest joy of life.

As we zoom in to get a closer look at a unit of life we see that this particular entity is mocking up a universe and from our perspective it is a very odd universe.  It is all blue, or at the least, a multitude of blue harmonics.  There are many unidentifiable forms in this universe. Some appear to have substance and some do not seem to have any substance at all yet still appear to possess a form.  Some things are in motion while many things are completely still.  There is no sound in this particular universe and there is no time here either.  It is very strange indeed.

We zoom out and away from this life unit and then zoom into to observe another individual unit of life then another and another and so on.  Every individual unit of life we look in on is doing the same thing i.e., creating its own unique universe (illusion) or in some cases it‘s not universe, it‘s universes.  And we notice that each universe that is being created has three fundamental components.  These are: energy, matter and space.  And what we see is being done with these three components boggles our minds.  The only word we have for what we are seeing is the word, impossible!  However, having said that, all we have to do in order to have any one of these illusions become our personal reality is to simply agree with it. To whatever degree we agree with it, to that degree it becomes real to us. As has been mentioned previously, the basis of reality is agreement.

Note: In present time on Earth we have the science of physics, nuclear physics, quantum physics, etc., to assist us in understanding and working within the physical universe of matter, energy, space and time including its laws and functions.  If the finite science of physics as a whole were represented by the distance from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California to the beeches of Miami, Florida; in relation to our current understanding of matter, energy, space and time ie., physics; we  haven't even gotten ourselves out of California yet.

Something is going to happen very soon with the life that we earlier scooped up in our little Dixie Cup and I think that if we assume a different point of view, by way of creating an additional mock-up, we will be able to have a better understanding of what happens.  So, if you don't mind, mock-up a very tall observation tower like those once constructed for the forest rangers so they could see far and wide to spot fires. Only, make this tower at least three times as tall as any of those towers you may have seen. Now, put this observation tower on top of a very tall mountain then assume a point of view looking out from the uppermost observation platform on your tower where you have a 360-degree view. Make the mountain that your tower is on the only point of any elevation within the space it occupies.  In other words, all the land around your mountain, in any direction and as far as the eye can see, is completely flat and void of any forms or any life but, we're going to very quickly change that.  We’re going to change that by jam packing this void of flatness full with enthusiastic, energetic and wildly animated children that are having a wonderful time playing with one another. And there are trillions of trillions of trillions of children to the nth power.  If you bothered to add sound to your mock-up you will probably want to quickly mute it or just unmock the audio altogether because the blast of sound, that will hit you will be tantamount to the force generated by an atomic explosion. Ir is the unbearable roar of raw creation in the absence of any restrictions or inhibitions.  This is how life looks in its native state.

Each and every child in this space is actively creating its own unique universe.  They have brought energy, matter and space into existence and are arranging those components in myriad ways and they have no limits as to quantity, or for that matter, anything else.  They are sharing their universes with one another and they are having a fantastic time!  This is what life has.

Life loves to play games but in its native state it is impossible to have a game as life is All-Knowing.  If one knows everything that will happen, one cannot have an opponent.  And one cannot have the excitement of the unpredictable or experience the possibility of defeat.  And in order to have a game, an opponent and a degree of unpredictability are necessary components.  So what can life do to have a game? Well, what life does to handle this All-Knowing state is, it simply reduces its knowingness (puts blinders up so to speak) so that it can have an opponent and not know what the opponent is going to do.  In this way it is possible for life to have a game.

Note: I am unable to describe even the most simple of the games played by life at this level. As hard as I might try to find some, there are not even any lies that I can think of to tell you that would even get you close to seeing what is being created here. However, if you look into this area on your own you might activate some of your own knowingness about these games. After all we used to play many a game on this upper level of awareness. But, I remind you, this is the space outside. And, as mentioned earlier, it is not even a space and, it is where memories were not made because memories were not needed. Memories (recordings) were not needed because everything was known and everything was in the NOW.. 

As you look out from your observation tower and see this wonderful sight of creation before you, I’d like you to modify your mock-up just a bit so that each child is now playing with a set of marbles, and these marbles represent their created universes and are, of course, unique to them.  Now if you’re looking at these marbles from a distance they all look to be pretty much the same.  The similarities, from a great distance, certainly overwhelm any differences.  But if you assume a viewpoint that is much closer to the marbles, the more differences you will see.  And the closer you zoom in to examine each set of marbles you will come to a point where the differences completely overwhelm any similarities.  Even with all of these universes being simultaneously created, each kid remains in complete and knowing control of their own unique universe.  Also, they are aware of every other universe being created by every other kid including all children outside of our Dixie cup sample. And try as you might, you are not going to be able to easily get your wits wrapped around that one. Note: we’re now moving away from using kids and children as a reference and going back to using the term life units again.