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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Separation from Self as Cause - # 27 in the series

If a life unit constantly wins the game that it is playing the game eventually becomes a no-game condition.  If a life unit constantly loses at the game it is playing then that circumstance will also eventually become a no-game condition. A no-game condition is both undesirable and unacceptable to a life unit.  In either situation, the only answer the life unit will apply to remedy the condition is to further lower its knowingness allowing it to restart the game at a different level (lower level) with the idea that a good game can be played at this level.  What is a good game?  A good game is a game that has the optimum balance between the predictable and the unpredictable elements of the game and presents a sufficient challenge to the life unit where the life unit knows it has a more than good chance of winning but yet is not completely certain of winning.  That’s a good game.  And, by the way, somewhere in there you can also find the root of happiness.

Bringing order to this chaotic illusion proves to be a very difficult objective to the life units (at least they pretend it is) so they begin to ignore that particular objective and start to mock-up all sorts of other good games to play with one another.  They mock up an incredible and immense diversity of galaxies and planetary systems to serve as props for their games. Populating their planets with all manner of life forms becomes the new rage that all the life units get quite vigorous about.  They then animate their mocked-up populations like little boys do with their plastic army men and little girls do with their Barbie dolls.   The life units mock-up incredibly detailed civilizations including architecture, art, culture, social and political systems and getting very detailed as to the types and color combinations of trim on the front porches of the houses and the design of the doorknobs, the style of clothing the life forms wear and even how they wear their hair and so on and so forth.  And then, as part of an agreed upon game, one life unit will have its people attack the mocked-up people of its opponent in the game and vice a versa.  These games become extremely popular among the life units.  In fact, with these really fun games to play the desire or need to sort out the chaos, which is the physical universe becomes less and less. In other words, life begins to get distracted from the original game. The variations on these types of games played by the life units playing with this illusion is enormous and the games get increasingly more complicated, serious and forceful as the life units continue to lower their knowingness in order to be able to have a game.

Note:  I am not making any reference to time as we go through this experience because the lengths of time, in earth terms of time, is so expansive that the numbers would be so unrealistic that they would have no meaning for us.  Just realize that the span of time that we’re going through here, from our point of view and in our terms, is very, very, very, very long.

Well, this type of game activity goes on and goes on and goes on some more then something incredibly harmful occurs in the illusion that is comparable to strapping rocket engines, which are blasting their full force, onto a plane that is already in a free fall.  The dwindling spiral greatly tightens its spirals with the addition of this new lie entered into the illusion.

Until this point in the illusion, every single life unit in the overall game maintained a level of responsibility where they fully knew they were being one hundred percent cause for everything they and every other life unit was experiencing. In other words, they knew that they were the source of all and they fully knew that they were engaged in a game of pretense.  They fully knew they were playing in an illusion that was of their own creation and being an illusion they knew it was not truth.  It was their product and they were, one for one, quite proud of this creation of theirs. They were also fully aware of a constant and consecutive self-imposed reduction of knowingness that they could undo whenever they intended.  But this new lie added into the illusion began to rapidly change all of that.

A life unit is eternal.  It is infinity.  It is impossible to hurt or destroy or in anyway disparage a life unit.  But the life unit, as itself, is capable of assuming any point of view and is also capable of being, doing or having absolutely anything it intends.  Another way to look at it would be to say that life has the ability to be the complete effect of its own cause and be fully aware of what is going on and how.  But life had entered onto a descending path where it constantly was lowering its knowingness and understanding in order to continue having a good game and, even though life had an awareness of this condition, maybe that’s why life so readily went into agreement with the absurd notion that it could hurt another life unit and other life units could hurt it.  It was just looked at as another element of the game that could be undone at anytime.

Well, whatever the reason this notion came into being and regardless of how it much it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, it did not play out to be a good idea at all.  In fact, it became the booby-trap that gave life a one-way ticket DOWN in the dwindling spiral.  And not long after the full acceptance of this idea there came one bad idea (lie) after another.  Life was acting like a drowning man who kept asking that he be given another concrete block to hold onto.  And every time he asked for it he got it.  And as he descended the games began to get increasingly more uncomfortable, more solid, more complicated, more forceful and more serious.  The games began to cease being recognized as the illusions they were and began to be considered as being real.  But the drowning man had reduced his knowingness, his perception and his understanding to such a degree that he was no longer aware that he was the one who was both requesting and delivering himself the blocks.  He began to pretend that someone else was doing this to him.  He invested himself so fully into this pretense that he new that someone or something else was the cause that was responsible for his condition at which point the illusion became his very real eternity.  And he found himself quite trapped in his own creation.

Do you see the irony here?  The illusion, which we know as the physical universe of matter, energy, space and time comes into being.  This universe is a chaotic and confused universe that was preceded by a state of orderly creation.  And in being an illusion it is a lie and because it is a lie it has persistence.  If you could assign a purpose to an illusion the fundamental purpose of this particular illusion would be to bring chaos to order. Or, another way to put it would be, to make nothing out of something.  Life, on the other hand, looks upon this illusion as a very wonderful creation that offers a plethora of game opportunities including the primary game objective of bringing order to the chaos, or, to make a something out of this nothing.  And so the contest between life and life’s created illusion i.e., the physical universe began.  But the surprise is, that all knowing all-powerful life has been on a continuous path of losing in this contest against its own creation.  And that circumstance I see as being incredibly ironic to the point of being a reduction to absurdity.

Adding Time - #26 in the series

This new game proves to be a wonderful game and as it is being played it is constantly being augmented by the life units in their continual creating of new universes that they add to the mix.  Of course, this not only enlarges the illusion but it also makes the game more complex and difficult to play. The game is great fun and all the life units involved are having a marvelous time. Then someone has another bright idea (and gets complete agreement) to add a new component to the universe and this particular component, at a certain stage of the game, generates a very detrimental effect.  The new component is time and it’s made retroactive to the beginning of this new collective universe.

Time proves to be the ne plus ultra of lies.  It is the ultimate arbitrary illusion within the illusion.  By adding the illusion of time to the overall illusion a life unit, in order to duplicate, its own unique illusion, now has to, not only reassemble every single particle of energy, matter and space, but has to reassemble every single particle of energy, matter and space in its own exact moment of time of creation.  And if the exact time is not included, the illusion cannot be unmocked and will therefore continue to persist.

Note: There is another factor regarding the new universe that I want to mention to you but I will not be going into great detail about it. But I do want to register it at this time.

This new universe illusion is contained in its own space. But, as you might imagine with a universe that is essentially a composite of trillions and trillions of independent universes, it has many other manifestations of space, matter, energy and time within it. In the woof and warp of its fabric, this universe has many, many, many layers of independent frequencies that are in and of themselves unique arrangements of physical space, energy, matter and time i.e., unique universes. You could compare these to radio frequencies where by adjusting the receiver on your radio or television set, you are able to tune in different broadcasts that exist simultaneously but separately from one another by way of being on different modulations of carrier waves within the same overall space but not the same exact space.

As a side note: In the physical universe illusion it is a law that no two things can occupy the exact same location in space and time (and therein that simple little law, my friend, is the secret to how the life units will eventually come to unmock the physical universe illusion and win the game).

Sometimes with radio signals, when conditions are just right but wrong, one frequency will somehow intertwine with another and cause a disturbance. For usually just a moment or two, the listener and/or viewer will be able to see and/or hear two different broadcasts that are overlapping in the same unit of time. This phenomenon also occurs in regards to random universes, which exist on different frequencies, when they momentarily intertwine and overlap with our universe on its particular frequency or ours does so on some other universe frequency. This circumstance, occurring over the millennia, has been a source of inspiration for stories of fairies, goblins, leprechauns, hobbits, giants, and many, many more “fantasies” and horrible monsters, horrible places and remarkable beings and places as well that, as of yet, have never shown up in print or film. These frequencies have also been mistakenly referred to as being different dimensions such as the fourth, fifth, sixth and so on dimension. And they have been referred to as parallel universes but what they actually are is random unique universes with their own unique laws existing within the Grand Illusion as unique independent frequencies. Just like life exists and operates on this specific frequency, so it is doing on myriads squared of other frequencies within the same illusion. This means that it is totally possible that a life unit could be simultaneously playing games within a variety of universe frequencies and might very well be doing so.

The New Game - #25 in the series

Okay, here is where something very creative happens.  It is a finite cycle.  It has a start, middle and an end.  A life unit has a bright idea that gets instantaneous agreement from all of the other life units in our Dixie cup sample. In fact, the idea is so appealing that many life units outside our sample decide to join in. The idea is that any life units who want to play in this game agree to simultaneously "scoop" up their created universes and at the exact same moment (they create a temporary shared time for this), hurl their universes into a catch space that has been collectively created to receive all of the life units' universe illusions.

And so it is done.  And it is done with unbelievable force, intention and joy.

You might be wondering why in the heck life would decide to do such a thing.  The answer is simple.  For life this is just another activity of creating a new game. There’s no more significance to it than that.

We're probably all familiar with "The Big Bang" theory as to how our physical universe came into being but the current theory is tremendously off the mark!  However, there is obviously some long gone distant, distant miniscule bit of knowing regarding the origin of this particular game that is bleeding through and that's why there is such wide acceptance for this theory.

Imagine trillions upon trillions upon trillions of universes, each one different from the others, each one having its own creator and peculiar arrangement of space, simultaneously colliding in a single space.  Well, that’s as close as I can get to showing you how the physical universe that we so closely associate with came into existence.  But remember, it is only an illusion that has been brought into existence by life because life intended it to be.  And in being an illusion, it is not truth.  It is a lie.  And because it is a lie it persists.
Of course, this newly created universe is the epitome of chaos and confusion.  And that’s just the way life intended it.  That was a big part of the bright idea!

Prior to the confusion life was conducting an orderly state of play and there was a differentiation between the creator of one universe to that of another.  In other words there was a state of knowing prior to the confusion.  The collision of the universes brings about an intended state of unknowing.  And as life emerges out of the confusion it must again know (remember, in order for life to be confused it had to first create such a thing as confusion then agree to be the effect of it).  But this level of knowing is on a lower level than that prior to the confusion.  In any case, to reiterate, this event marks the creation of the beginning of the physical universe i.e., the great illusion.

Now, take a moment and recall your basketball mock-up. Recall the space where you mocked-up your basketball.  Good.  That space, the basketball and everything else in that space is yours.  It is your universe and you control it.  So imagine being in a space that is not yours.  Imagine that any energy or any matter that happens to be in the space is not at all familiar to you.  It’s not familiar because it’s not yours and you cannot control it.  This space, energy and matter does not respond to your commands.  And, as hard as you might try, you cannot make it go away.  You cannot unmock it.  This situation is the situation each life unit finds itself in after the “great collision.”  They are in a space where there is matter and there is energy but it is not their space, it is not their matter and it is not their energy.  Although their created universe is thoroughly enmeshed in this new universe, it is nowhere to be perceived.  This new universe is a chaotic confused illusion and it is in a state of continuous persistence.  And the life units, one and all, are thrilled by this new unpredictable set of circumstances.  It is a fantastic illusion and a great new game! 

Note:  I will be frequently referring to life as we go on in this mock-up.  The life, as a whole, or a life unit or life units that are part of this whole is referencing the quantity of life that we scooped up in our little Dixie cup sample and any others that decided to join their illusions into the great collision.  While all of life is quite aware of what is happening here, it is only this incredibly microscopic fraction of life that is directly involved with this particular illusion.

The new game’s goal becomes: Bring order to the chaos.  And the way that will be done is by each life unit locating every single particle of energy, matter and space that is their own illusion and then reassembling it to be EXACTLY like it was prior to the creation of the game. Of course, their own illusion is now scattered throughout this new universe and mixed up with every other life unit’s unique illusion. So, even for a life unit, this task is not going to be any piece of cake. The life units are not approaching solving this problem by focusing their attention on the confusion but by focusing their attention on the order that existed prior to the confusion. If they were to focus on the confusion they would just bring into existence a greater quantity of confusion.

Okay. Let’s look at this game a little closer but in a different way.  So we’ve got this scene of trillions upon trillions of unique and independent universes (represented as being sets of marbles) coming together in a forceful collision.  Well, if you will, imagine that there’s this huge front-end loader (a big tractor with a scoop/bucket on the front of it) that begins to go around and scoop up gobs and gobs of marble sets and when its bucket is brimming with marbles it goes and dumps them into this gigantic hoper (a big coned shaped box).  The front-end loader is relentless in its task and doesn’t stop until every last one of the marbles has been dropped into the hoper.  The hoper feeds the marbles into a gargantuan two-stage marble crusher and as the hoper’s chute doors are opened the marbles begin to gush down into the grinding jaws of the crusher.  The miniscule marble fragments leave the first stage of the crusher and enter the pulverizer from which they exit as microscopic grains of powder even finer than that of baking powder.  The powder is then scattered, like a plane dusting a farmer’s crop, throughout every square inch of space created for the new universe. Now that’s going to take some sorting out! What a game the life units have created for themselves!!!

Everything in this new universe (illusion) is in a constant state of motion.

Now that you have this image of how fantastically fractionalized, disbursed and confused the components of these universes are, I will reiterate what the game is.  The basic game is for each unit of life to locate all the particles of their universe and reassemble them into the exact universe they were prior to hurling them into one another.  As impossible as this sounds, it would not even take the slightest bit of effort from life to put it all back just like it was.  But that would not be a game.  So life reduces its knowingness to a point where there exists an enormity of unpredictable variables and the task of finding and reassembling one’s own universe is a problem of comparable magnitude to the ability of the life unit.

Note: You might be wondering what will happen once the life units have reassembled their unique universes. Well, at that precise instant of exact reassembly, the illusion ceases to exist. Game over! On to the next game…

The Dixie Cup - #24 in the series

In this ocean of life we have mocked-up let’s take a little Dixie Cup, the size used for something like mouthwash, dip it into this ocean and fill it to the brim with life.  Now let’s zoom in and take a look at our sample to see if we can tell what life is doing.  What we see is life doing what life does best and that is creating.  Life is creation.  What is creation?  Well, creation is the action of bringing something into existence.  It is the action of making something out of nothing and that happens to be the greatest joy of life.

As we zoom in to get a closer look at a unit of life we see that this particular entity is mocking up a universe and from our perspective it is a very odd universe.  It is all blue, or at the least, a multitude of blue harmonics.  There are many unidentifiable forms in this universe. Some appear to have substance and some do not seem to have any substance at all yet still appear to possess a form.  Some things are in motion while many things are completely still.  There is no sound in this particular universe and there is no time here either.  It is very strange indeed.

We zoom out and away from this life unit and then zoom into to observe another individual unit of life then another and another and so on.  Every individual unit of life we look in on is doing the same thing i.e., creating its own unique universe (illusion) or in some cases it‘s not universe, it‘s universes.  And we notice that each universe that is being created has three fundamental components.  These are: energy, matter and space.  And what we see is being done with these three components boggles our minds.  The only word we have for what we are seeing is the word, impossible!  However, having said that, all we have to do in order to have any one of these illusions become our personal reality is to simply agree with it. To whatever degree we agree with it, to that degree it becomes real to us. As has been mentioned previously, the basis of reality is agreement.

Note: In present time on Earth we have the science of physics, nuclear physics, quantum physics, etc., to assist us in understanding and working within the physical universe of matter, energy, space and time including its laws and functions.  If the finite science of physics as a whole were represented by the distance from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California to the beeches of Miami, Florida; in relation to our current understanding of matter, energy, space and time ie., physics; we  haven't even gotten ourselves out of California yet.

Something is going to happen very soon with the life that we earlier scooped up in our little Dixie Cup and I think that if we assume a different point of view, by way of creating an additional mock-up, we will be able to have a better understanding of what happens.  So, if you don't mind, mock-up a very tall observation tower like those once constructed for the forest rangers so they could see far and wide to spot fires. Only, make this tower at least three times as tall as any of those towers you may have seen. Now, put this observation tower on top of a very tall mountain then assume a point of view looking out from the uppermost observation platform on your tower where you have a 360-degree view. Make the mountain that your tower is on the only point of any elevation within the space it occupies.  In other words, all the land around your mountain, in any direction and as far as the eye can see, is completely flat and void of any forms or any life but, we're going to very quickly change that.  We’re going to change that by jam packing this void of flatness full with enthusiastic, energetic and wildly animated children that are having a wonderful time playing with one another. And there are trillions of trillions of trillions of children to the nth power.  If you bothered to add sound to your mock-up you will probably want to quickly mute it or just unmock the audio altogether because the blast of sound, that will hit you will be tantamount to the force generated by an atomic explosion. Ir is the unbearable roar of raw creation in the absence of any restrictions or inhibitions.  This is how life looks in its native state.

Each and every child in this space is actively creating its own unique universe.  They have brought energy, matter and space into existence and are arranging those components in myriad ways and they have no limits as to quantity, or for that matter, anything else.  They are sharing their universes with one another and they are having a fantastic time!  This is what life has.

Life loves to play games but in its native state it is impossible to have a game as life is All-Knowing.  If one knows everything that will happen, one cannot have an opponent.  And one cannot have the excitement of the unpredictable or experience the possibility of defeat.  And in order to have a game, an opponent and a degree of unpredictability are necessary components.  So what can life do to have a game? Well, what life does to handle this All-Knowing state is, it simply reduces its knowingness (puts blinders up so to speak) so that it can have an opponent and not know what the opponent is going to do.  In this way it is possible for life to have a game.

Note: I am unable to describe even the most simple of the games played by life at this level. As hard as I might try to find some, there are not even any lies that I can think of to tell you that would even get you close to seeing what is being created here. However, if you look into this area on your own you might activate some of your own knowingness about these games. After all we used to play many a game on this upper level of awareness. But, I remind you, this is the space outside. And, as mentioned earlier, it is not even a space and, it is where memories were not made because memories were not needed. Memories (recordings) were not needed because everything was known and everything was in the NOW.. 

As you look out from your observation tower and see this wonderful sight of creation before you, I’d like you to modify your mock-up just a bit so that each child is now playing with a set of marbles, and these marbles represent their created universes and are, of course, unique to them.  Now if you’re looking at these marbles from a distance they all look to be pretty much the same.  The similarities, from a great distance, certainly overwhelm any differences.  But if you assume a viewpoint that is much closer to the marbles, the more differences you will see.  And the closer you zoom in to examine each set of marbles you will come to a point where the differences completely overwhelm any similarities.  Even with all of these universes being simultaneously created, each kid remains in complete and knowing control of their own unique universe.  Also, they are aware of every other universe being created by every other kid including all children outside of our Dixie cup sample. And try as you might, you are not going to be able to easily get your wits wrapped around that one. Note: we’re now moving away from using kids and children as a reference and going back to using the term life units again.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lying To Get To The Truth - #23 in the series

For this moment, in order to put some substance to this universe of no substance, I would like for you to mock-up this universe as being an infinite ocean of water that is completely around you in all three hundred and sixty degrees.  This ocean is a single body of water that goes on and on and on, in all directions, forever and ever. There is no center and there are no edges or levels. It is a single living entity and it is completely aware of being aware.  This living entity is fully and completely aware of its infinity and is fully and completely aware of that awareness.

If you alter your point of view within this ocean of infinity you will discover that it is composed of incredibly tiny individual molecules.  Each separate molecule, which from now on we’ll call a life unit, shares many identical characteristics with every other life unit that together compose this infinite ocean entity.  However, each single life unit has uniqueness peculiar to it and it alone.  In other words, each unit has its own unique identity, unique will, unique basic personality and is a single unit (individual) of infinite consciousness that is an integral part of the whole.
Every life unit in this infinite ocean entity is fully and completely aware of every other life unit as being an individual unit of a more expansive entity.  This includes having the complete awareness of every other life unit and being fully aware of having that awareness.  Also, each life unit has the full and complete awareness of the whole ocean entity as being the whole ocean entity, as well as, a full and complete awareness of any myriad of combined life units (groups) that have come together to represent and be a single unique composite identity.  Note: the divisions and subdivisions, groupings and combinations among the life units are, as you can imagine, completely without limitation.

Okay. So we now have ourselves a mocked-up image of this universe we’re putting our attention on.  Now, delete the mass of water without deleting any of the units of awareness.  Ah yes.  That’s better.  That’s a better lie.  That’s a little closer to a true perception of life.

It’s occurring to me that you may be somewhat puzzled by my continual reference to lies and using lies to take you closer to a perception of truth.  Let me attempt to clarify that issue.

This universe that we’re mocking up, which I refer to as life, is void of everything and anything that we have come to know and agree or disagree with.  In other words, this universe is completely void of matter, energy, space and time (the component parts of our shared physical universe).  Admittedly, that concept is very difficult for us, in our present condition, to get our wits around.  In fact, at this point in time, we can’t really even get close to doing so even if we think we can. But I digress.  Anyway, life is truth.  Life is actuality.  But this harmonic of truth and actuality in this universe (being outside of the apparent universal space) is an awareness or, more accurately, a knowingness.  In other words, it is not something you see.  If you think you see it (in some physical sense), it is not truth you are seeing but an illusion.  Truth does not persist long enough for you to see it because truth (actuality) is simultaneously both creation and destruction in the NOW.  The illusion, though, being a lie, will persist and can be perceived and agreed with and can become a being’s reality.

Everything emanates from life.  Life has a limitless ability to mock-up anything and everything it intends in any way it intends. That is to say that life has a limitless ability to create illusions. When life mocks something up to view and for other life to view (remember all life is aware of all life and what all of life is doing) then that mock-up, that illusion, if agreed upon, becomes reality beyond its source.  But the illusion is an illusion and is not truth.  It may be real but it is a lie.  And the only way something can be continuously viewed (persist), as an observable tangible thing in this universe called life, is if it is a lie - the more lies there are about something the greater its persistence. Yes, that would mean that our shared physical universe is a lie. It is an illusion. To see some of your own illusions that you are creating, look at your life.  If you have an unwanted condition that continues to persist, you can be sure that this condition is composed of numerous lies.  When you accurately spot the lies and the exact source of the lies (the exact moment in time and space when the lie was created) the unwanted condition will vanish.  It might have been very real but it was never the truth.  Knowing the truth unmocks the lies.

What is a lie?  A lie is an alteration.  It is saying that something is, which isn’t or saying that something that does exist doesn’t exist or any infinite number of variables of alterations one can mock-up.

The Space Outside - We Have Arrived! #22 in the series

Here is where it gets exceptionally tricky for me as your guide.  I want to show you something that is impossible to show you.  We are going to attempt to leave a nothing that we are convinced is a never ending something and go to an actual something, which is truly infinite; yet we perceive it as a nothing.  Because there are no words that can come even close to symbolizing what we’re attempting to approach, I will use common words to describe uncommon things.  Essentially I am going to use a string of lies to get you as close to a perception of truth as I can.  I know.  It sounds crazy.

Through my words I am going to provide you with a light sketch of a particular scene.  To these sketches, you will have to add the dimension, color, sound, texture, etcetera. I assume that you will do so with concepts and images that are familiar to you, but I do encourage you to keep an eye out for any new unfamiliar images that happen to appear on the scene.  I have a feeling that, particularly at this stage of our journey, some might just show up.

We are now going to mock-up a universe.  We are going to begin with getting a sense of what is not in this universe and then see how it goes from there.

In this universe we are mocking up there is no matter.  There is no motion.  There is no space. There is no location.  There is no dimension.  There is no distance. There is no light.  There is no dark.  There is no wavelength.  There is no sound.  There is no form. There is no smell. There is no fast.  There is no slow. There is no energy.  There is no big.  There is no small.  There is no taste. There is no evil.  There is no sensation. There is no age. There are no numbers. There is no game. There is no start.  There is no end.

I realize that per this description you could easily assume that the universe we are mocking up is nothing but a void, but I assure you, this universe is most definitely not a void. This universe IS the space outside. The irony is, that once you’ve entered the space outside you are no longer in a space. Indeed, rather than to state that we have emerged into the space outside it would be more accurate to state, that we are now outside of space. And because we are outside of space we no longer have any location. We just ARE. We exist as a CAUSE, as a SOURCE, as a CONSCIOUSNOUS, as a ONE.

Before we continue I want to encourage you to just stop right here and take some time to stretch out your imagination as far as you possibly can and try to get some kind of feel for this universe.  Take some time and really mock this universe up. Take as long as you need.  There is no hurry. The next paragraph will wait patiently for as long as you need.

There are a few words that I am familiar with, which I have chosen to use in order to label this universe.  And though the concepts these words and phrases symbolize are so utterly and significantly less than adequate for this universe, they are the best lies I can find in the English language.  In no particular order, these words are; eternity, infinity, source, that which is aware of being aware, cause, truth, love, creation, serenity of being, integrity, actuality, √©lan vital, God, thought and my favorite - life.  There is another word and that is the word, home. And I suspect that you might know of or have other words that you would choose to represent this universe.

You see this universe we have begun to mock-up is actually our universe. It is our home. We can never go here because we are, in fact, always here and have never really left.  But this is a universe where there is no here or there. It is actually much more accurate to state that we ARE this universe.  It is not a separate thing from us.  It is you, it is I and it is we and we are it.  The universe that I like to call life is indeed a true static. 

And it is here, where there is no here, where our game begins.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

PART II - The Spiral Staircase - #21 in the series

We are now, both in time and space…very, very, very far away from The Confederation. Indeed, as we emerge from this rabbit hole we are brushing up against the space outside. We are brushing up against actuality.
The Spiral Staircase

Every single person is holding a position on hers or his very own spiral staircase which is peculiar to them.  Every family, every group of any kind, every fragment of any civilization, and the entire population as a whole are also positioned at some point on their own spiral staircase. And, all of these spiral staircases are intertwined. We’re all there in the mix somewhere as is the entire physical universe.

If you could look up from the step you are standing on your spiral staircase just goes up and up and up until it eventually disappears.  And if you could look down the staircase it would continue downward until it became a tiny speck then it would also disappear out of sight. So the first thing we discover is that one of the concepts the spiral staircase represents is infinity.  We also see that as the staircase goes higher the steps get progressively larger and less dense and as it goes lower the steps get progressively smaller and more condensed. Thus, it is both an expanding and a dwindling spiral staircase. So, its shape is actually that of a cone.

Now imagine that you are not on the staircase.  You are backed away from it a considerable distance.  In fact you are backed away so far that you are only seeing the staircase as being a thin vertical line with no apparent beginning or end. You cannot see a top or a bottom to this line.  But, as the line goes up it gets increasingly broader and seemingly translucent and as it goes down it gets increasingly thinner and darker.  You start to slowly move closer and before long you’re close enough to make out that this line is not exactly a straight line.  You are now close enough to distinguish that the line is actually a cone shaped spiral. You continue to go closer.  Finally you’re close enough to actually see that spiral is composed of seemingly never ending steps.  You move even closer and as you get really close to one of the steps, so close that the rest of the staircase disappears from view, you see that there is now another endless vertical line in front of you.  You don’t stop but continue zooming in closer and closer towards the line. As you do you once again discover the spiral in the line followed by the view of steps.  You go closer and very quickly find yourself on a duplicate step to the previous one and once again, you’re looking at another line.  You hesitate for a moment then stop.  You start to ponder the meaning of the phenomena you’re experiencing.  You wonder what will happen if you keep moving in closer.  What will you find?  Will there be yet another line that is really a spiral too?  What could possibly be at the end of this?  And then there’s the really important question, if you keep going forward will you be able to return to where you started?

The questions begin to gnaw away at you. The next thing you become aware of is that you have hesitated too long and have fallen into the maybe trap where decisions are nonexistent. You are now stuck in a state of limbo without motion or direction. You observe time and events moving past you as if you weren’t even there. Then something happens.  A whisper of intention floats by and you latch onto it with a death grip.  Without any delay whatsoever you make a decision! Voila! You have freed yourself from the maybe trap.  You’re now out and fluid again.

You muster up some courage and allow your adventuresome spirit to once again take the reins.  You decide to push on and see just how far this strange phenomenon will take you.  You continue moving closer to what is ever in front of you and as you do the bewildering phenomenon just keeps repeating itself over and over and over, again and again and again. Myriad of repetitions later you arrive at a step and there is no other line to be seen.  But the question now looms, where have you arrived?  And will you be able to find your path back the way you came in?

You are now standing on a single step.  You see no other step anywhere.  There’s just the one you’re on but you vaguely sense another step above this one and the more you adjust your perceptions you begin to see other steps just below.  But as one perception expands another fades.  You are unable to see from where you have journeyed.  In fact, you have no recollection of ever having been anywhere prior to where you are now. This is it. You are now located at your awareness level on a spiral staircase within a spiral staircase within a spiral staircase and so on and so on seemingly forever and ever.  Evidently you are located somewhere within eternity.
From your position on this step i.e., your level of awareness, is from where you perceive, create and live your life.  Your reality of your environment, the world and the universe is all contained right here on this step.  What is real to you, what is true for you is manifest for you by way of your agreements.  In other words, what is real for you is what you agree is real for you.  What is true for you is what you agree to be true for you.  And what you do or don’t do, what you perceive or don’t perceive, what you believe or don’t believe is completely determined and limited by your agreements. In other words, and more specifically, your decisions.
You are not alone.

Remember, you are on one step on a staircase of infinite steps.  There are many, many steps above and below you but those that are above, except for possibly the next step up, exist outside of your level of awareness.  The few steps that you are aware of that exist below yours are steps you have no desire or wish to even visit.  But as you look down you recognize people that you once used to know.  You see some old friends standing a few steps down and feel a pang of sadness drift into your space as the memories of a past time spent with those people parade by in front of you.

Occasionally, unknown circumstances will catapult someone briefly up to a higher step not ever even envisioned. When this event actually happens to someone and then they later return to “reality” where they feel obligated to share their experience, it is not uncommon for them to come face-to-face with ridicule from others. They have moved out of the accepted levels of group agreement.  Their reality is no longer the agreed upon reality and that immediately sets them apart making them undesirable and sometimes even considered dangerous to associate or communicate with.  Or, they become very attractive to a small percentage of others that hang on their every word and will do anything they are told to do by the person.  In other words, in the extreme, they can become cult leaders. 

Note: On occasion a life unit, for whatever reason, will have the experience where its lower mind backs off far away from its vicinity and during this time is not exerting its negative influences upon the life unit, the life unit’s higher mind or the life unit’s organism.  In that finite period of time the life unit will perhaps suddenly find itself once again in possession of surprising “supernatural” abilities or will experience life altering changes of perception (epiphanies) that are usually categorized as being religious experiences.  These moments might only exist for seconds or might last throughout an entire lifetime of the identity one is temporarily being. 

On every spiral staircase including every spiral staircase within every spiral staircase within infinity and awareness, there is a very thin line of demarcation. Above the line of demarcation there is awareness and degrees of more and more awareness.  Below the line is unawareness and degrees of less and less awareness.  There are no absolutes on any part of this staircase.
The population on planet earth has always fluctuated only slightly between an incredibly small grouping of little steps on our collective staircase.  But, in this place and time, remains well below any line of demarcation. In other words, the population of planet earth has been pretty much “fixed” in a state of unknowing unconscious both spiritually and mentally.

There is more data to explore but we will now move on and possibly return to this mock-up later.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Checkmate... - #20 in the series

Bob pulled his attention out of his memory bank files and back into present time. He now focused his full attention onto the disseminator ship headed for the very, very remote little planet located way out on the rim of a small galaxy.

The cargo of this ship was a vast assortment of devices that were calibrated to frequencies that made them invisible to the prisoners on the planet.  The devices were in many different forms.  Some looked just like a book, some were exact copies of various familiar insects, some looked like rodents, some were boxes, some were spheres and so on and so forth.  If someone did happen across one of these devices and was able to see it then that meant that the person was emanating the same frequency of vibration as that of the device.  The fact that the prisoner was emanating this particular frequency revealed that the person was experiencing memory leakage of a specific kind.  The devices were calibrated to a multitude of different frequencies that scanned the environment for a frequency that duplicated that of the device.  When a match was found, the device would put itself in the path of the person.  The person would see it, have his or her attention compelled to lock onto the device and pick it up.  At this point, depending on the type of leakage, indicated by the frequency, the devices were programmed to do many different things.  One thing, though, that all the devices had in common was that once picked up, the device would go into a period of standby for various periods of time depending on how the device was programmed.  The purpose of this was to give the target time enough to locate other similar prisoners.  It was typical that prisoners that would begin to experience memory leakage would be drawn to others having the same type of leakage.  Their like frequencies would draw them together but without any awareness of the fact on their part. They just knew that they enjoyed being around one another.  Anyway, after a certain period of time when others, if there were others, came on the scene, the device would activate.  Of course, if there were others, they would be compelled to touch the device at which time the device made a recording of their unique identifying wavelength.

The devices did different things when they activated.  The one thing that they all did was emanate a specialized frequency of energy that would seal the leakage and basically act as a booster blast for the amnesia. But beyond this basic function there were devices with "accessories." For example: Some devices would project angel-like or god-like holograms that would give eloquent speeches and command the people to go off and do all sorts of odd things (many religions came into existence this way.  In fact, there are a few of these guys who have programs on present time TV.).  Some devices were designed to activate various programs in the lower mind that, until this point in time, had just floated along with the person in an inactivated dormant state.  Now, suddenly, this irrational program is activated and the person abruptly dedicates the rest of their life to discovering the true meaning of the June bug's reproductive cycle, or why chimpanzees are chimpanzees or isolating exactly why mice make a squeaking noise or something of the sort.  Or, worse, the person is suddenly compelled to kill, in a certain manner, any woman that fits an extremely precise profile or some such insanity.  And on and on it goes. 

Then some devices (usually sphere shaped) are programmed to detect and ratify cases of severe memory leakage.  These devices emit an invisible disintegrator wave that completely eradicates, without any visible evidence, the organism of anyone emanating a certain frequency. The device also blacks out the memory of anyone else who happens to be nearby but not manifesting the frequency. After such an occurrence the life units emanating frequencies matching the device suddenly find themselves once again captive at a Dept. of Conformity prison outpost operated by some technicians that are readying themselves to have some sadistic fun with their new arrivals.
Back at Bob's house with the group of twenty-nine......

As Bob heard and felt the click from the lever as it locked into its new position, he knew exactly what was going to happen next. Checkmate.

Life Force - #19 in the series

Now this may sound rather idiotic, but a life unit is a unit of life. As covered earlier, life units vary in order of magnitude from one to the next. Life units have x amount of life force in ratio to their own unique order of magnitude. Again, here’s a quantitative factor in regards to a life unit. When a life unit collides with the physical universe, while operating an organism, there is a degree of confusion that occurs. And, as we have discussed, the lower mind is brought online in these moments of impact, pain and unconsciousness so that everything that occurs during these incidents is recorded. But something else also happens during these finite moments of pain, unconsciousness and confusion. A degree of the life unit’s life force is somehow trapped and encapsulated within the confused energy of the lower mind and is held captive there in a unrelenting state of turbulence. This particular mechanic, of course, reduces the amount of life force that is available to the life unit. In effect this occurrence reduces the rational capability, intelligence and power of the life unit and the life unit is now predisposed to think and behave irrationally.

Well, as mentioned earlier, the life units have had minds for a very, very long time and during the course of this time they have had many, many collisions with the physical universe (such as hitting a hand with a hammer a few trillion times and much, much worse) and with each collision a fraction of confused life force was trapped and held captive by the lower mind. And each time the amount of free and pure life force available to the life unit became, to some degree, less. Thereby reducing the life unit’s abilities of reason and power.

Note: Life force is the essence of a life unit. Essentially the life force IS the life unit. They are one and the same.

As this process continues over time, the amount of trapped life force accumulates. And so long as the amount of free life force is greater than what is trapped the life unit can still hold its position against the irrational influences and commands exerted on it by the irrational mind and keep it held back and contained. However, there comes a time when a point is reached where the amount of free life force is equaled by the amount of trapped life force that is in a state of never ending confusion and agitation. The trapped life force is exerting a force, albeit a highly confused and turbulent force, against the free life force and this force against force, being equal creates a huge standing ridge of energy – and then comes another collision after which the irrational mind takes the upper-hand. This means that the free life force remaining is now in a condition where it can be much more easily overwhelmed, agitated, influenced and commanded via the contents of the recordings stored in the lower mind that are being “switched on” by circumstances in present time that approximate, in some way, the contents of a lower mind recording.

To put this in perspective, imagine the Empire State Building and let’s say that huge structure represents the trapped life force in the lower mind. To represent the amount of free and pure life force remaining, get the mental image of a postage stamp and hold it up next to the Empire State building and there you have a visual ratio between free life force and trapped life force. There isn’t a life unit one known to be in the Confederation, including the bulk of the nonconformists, that isn’t somewhere near this ratio of trapped versus free life force and that’s regardless of the life units order of magnitude. In other words, this ratio is relative to the order of magnitude of the life unit.

In view of the fact that we have been discussing life force, let’s see if we can get ourselves a better perspective regarding the power of free and pure life force. Lets take a life unit on the order of magnitude of a baby mouse. For the purposes of our example, the life force of this very small life unit is still completely free. It does not possess one speck of trapped or turbulent life force. If you were to meet and communicate with this particular life unit you would be one hundred percent certain that you had just been communicating with God Almighty. There is such an enormous quantity of intention, reason, understanding, compassion, love, power, creative force, etc. represented by the free life force of this one small life unit that this life unit, alone, is capable of manifesting an entire duplicate universe of the entire extant physical universe. This should give you an idea of how far down the dwindling spiral the life units have come.

The Dept. of Conformity knew a great deal about the mind and especially the mechanics of the lower mind. As the Confederation always looked at any new information or technology from the viewpoint of, how it could be used to make life more controllable, obedient and subservient i.e., a slave. That crew at the Dept. of Conformity never thought once about trying to repair and rehabilitate a mind. In any case, the research scientists of the dept. had really hit “pay dirt” with their research more than once over the millenniums, and they knew how to use the lower mind against the life unit, the rational mind of the life unit and the organism the life unit was associated with. In other words, they knew exactly how to write the programs and exactly how and when to install them in order to make them extremely effective in controlling life units.

More Mechanics of the Lower MInd - #18 in the series

The lower mind is the primary mind (perhaps it’s the only mind...Bob's notes are not clear on this) of the lower life forms. How it came to be part of the mind that the life unit uses will be discussed later. And while it might be workable as a tool of survival for a lower life form, it works just the opposite in regards to a life unit. The lower mind is not a logical mind. It is a stimulus response mind. Its memory filing system is quite crude, certainly no comparison to the sophisticated multilevel systems of the higher mind. The lower mind is incapable of differentiation. It does not distinguish any difference between past, present and future, which means that all its recordings are filed as happening in present time. “Now” is the only moment it recognizes in regards to time. Three other elements that are part of each recording made by the lower mind are impact, pain and unconsciousness. And the pain in the recordings is what gives the memories stored in the lower mind of the life unit power to apply sufficient force to the rational operation of the higher mind and override it. This is not a good thing. Now there is one more element that, if it’s part of a recording made by this mind, can wreck havoc on the operational effectiveness of the higher mind and the life unit. This element I’m referring to is language. Now in the lower life form’s mind language is not a detrimental factor but in the case of the operation of the life units’ lower mind, language is an extremely detrimental factor. All language in recordings of the lower mind is recorded as being literal. And, all language in these recordings, because of the inclusion of pain, has force (command value), which brings about very bad effects on the operation of the higher mind and the life unit. Remember, this is the mind of the crooked line. One cannot make sense out of what is in this mind because what is in this mind does not make any sense to begin with. However, that being said, in working with our higher minds we manage to come up with some of the wildest and most ludicrous answers possible in our attempts to explain and rationalize the actions and results spawned out of the lower mind.

All recordings, including the complete detailed content of these recordings, in this lower mind are filed as being identical or similar and they all equal, to greater and lesser degrees, pain and unconsciousness. Like I said, the filing system in this mind is very crude in comparison to that of the higher mind. But this mind does compartment off recordings into a few separate areas. For example, there is the compartment having to do with self, there is a compartment having to do with creation and that includes family and sex, and then there’s compartments that have to do with others, there is compartment having to do with the species the life unit is pretending to be a part of, there is a compartment having to do with all plant and animal life, there is a compartment having to do with the components of the physical universe i.e., matter, energy, space and time, there is a compartment having to do with life units and there is a compartment having to do with infinity and there may even be a few others. Now being that this mind functions totally as a stimulus-response mind it has to first receive stimulus in order to respond. Anything in the present time environment of the life unit, if in some way is similar to even a speck of content in the lower mind, can act as a switch i.e., the stimulus, which activates a response from the lower mind. And any response from this mind is always irrational and inappropriate. And because of the pain and unconsciousness part of the content of the recording, as well as any language that might happen to be in the recording’s content, the response exerts command over the operation of the higher mind, the organism and the life unit. The lower mind’s response, which is actually a certain grouping of recordings, as it relates to a life unit, is always a wrong answer.

One way we can visualize this lower mind is to compare it to a typical electrical panel or, as it is sometimes referred to, “breaker box“. As I’m sure you know, the electrical panel is located where the electrical service enters into a building from the outside. Inside the panel the main current of electricity is divided into independent circuits and each circuit is controlled by its own breaker switch. If a breaker switch is switched to the “on” position, a certain amount of electrical current is allowed to flow into the circuit that is controlled by that switch. If the breaker is switched to the off position no electrical current will flow into that circuit. Okay, using the electrical panel as an analogy, imagine such a panel that is filled with hundreds of thousands of breakers. In this imagined breaker box, each breaker represents a finite recording made by the lower mind. Each recording has a beginning, a middle and an end and each recording is loaded with many gigabytes of data. As the life unit moves through life and living, things in the present time environment that approximate something in one of these recordings, in the right circumstances, can cause that particular breaker to switch on and the content of that recording begins to run and has an adverse affect upon the life unit.

Until a particular lower mind recording is switched on it will just float along in time remaining dormant and exerting no adverse effect upon the higher mind, the life unit or the organism. However, once a particular memory is switched on it will exert an adverse effect on the higher mind, the organism and the life unit for usually several days (a week or so) and then minimize into a sort of stand-by mode for the remainder of that organism’s life. But in this stand-by mode it takes incredibly little to reactivate it and have it once again take control of the operation of the organism and life unit. And if the life unit happens to be so unlucky as to be living in an environment that is acting as a held down switch (switch locked in activation mode) for the lower mind, the activated recordings will be exerting control over the higher mind, the organism and the life unit 24-7. In which case, the life unit usually just concludes that this manner of acting and behaving is just “the way he or she is.” In other words, the life unit mistakenly identifies its irrational behavior that’s actually being enforced upon it by the lower mind, to be what he or she is. It’s insidious!

The mechanical form of this lower mind having its recordings compartmented as to what they’re in reference to, means that you can have a perfectly “normal” person that happens to enter an environment where something switches on a breaker within that enormous “breaker box” and causes the person to display an inappropriate irrational response to the extant set of circumstances. For example, it could be the lower mind’s storage compartment having to do with family and sex that something in the present environment triggers a particular breaker to switch to the “on” position. The activated recording takes over control and the person begins acting out the highly irrational and inappropriate content of the recording in present time meaning, in this example, the person becomes a sexual pervert. However, as far as this person’s behavior goes in other areas of life, such as how he performs and acts at work is quite rational. Perhaps he’s well known and admired for his athletic abilities and high degree of good sportsmanship or he might be recognized as a “pillar of the community” in reference to his civic service. In any case, this simply means that this person, in those areas, has not experienced a set of circumstances that has acted to switch on a breaker and activate an irrational response from one of the compartments in the lower mind that pertains to those areas of existence. Hence, the situation of any one person being “totally insane” is highly unlikely. To be totally insane they would have to have every compartment and sub-compartment in the lower mind in a state of simultaneous activation.

One more thing and that is, the contents of the lower mind are highly contagious in a progressive geometric sort of way. This means that a person who is being controlled by their lower mind, which means they are acting and behaving as dictated by “crooked thought,” can pass their irrationality on to anyone else that happens to be in a receptive state, i.e., to some degree experiencing a moment of impact, pain and unconsciousness. This particular mechanic of the lower mind is why it is so important to remain totally silent (definitely no talking) around anyone who is experiencing and degree of unconsciousness and pain and that includes anyone who has just received some bad news or is in a state of depression. Any words spoken around a person who is experiencing some degree of pain and unconsciousness are words that are being recorded in the lower mind as being literal commands. There is a possibility that these recordings might sooner or later be triggered by something in the person’s environment and go into action creating an adverse impact on the individual, the individual’s mind and the organism the individual is operating. Not to mention the ripple effect out into the person’s environment where it infects others.

There is so much more detailed information available on the mind in Bob’s story but I just can’t, as much as I would like to, get into those files right now. As it is, I’m already digressing more onto this topic than I intended and, due to the tediousness of this subject, you might be feeling a bit bogged down about now. But, please try to hang in there as there is one more point that I do want to tack on here at the end about the mind and the life unit and then we’ll move on. Speaking of moving on, you might be pleased to hear that we’re going to be leaving Bob’s story here pretty soon and be going off to a place that is far far away in time from here. In fact, where we're going there is no time. However, before we backtrack our steps through the looking glasses and come back to what’s “real,” there will be one or two more segments of Bob’s story that I’ll write down for you in the Space Outside.

The Lower Mind - #17 in the series

The lower mind records in image form the same way as the higher level mind. Its recordings are also made as energy imprints in picture form and include all the percepts as those recorded by the higher mind. The life unit, however, has no awareness of this mind or the content of its memory banks. This mind and its contents are buried beneath the awareness of the life unit and are closed off to access by the life unit. If a life unit, at present time on earth, does contemplate the existence of this lower mind, it is usually in reference to the speculations and significances generated and disseminated by the field of psychology regarding what is referred to as the subconscious or unconscious mind. Also some spiritual practices refer to this mind as the "ego self" or the "me" as opposed to being the "I". In any case, either concept of subconscious or unconscious mind as put forth is completely arbitrary and copiously littered with falsehoods. In examining this lower mind it would be best if one would disabuse themselves of any former authoritative data received regarding the subconscious or unconscious mind. But, then again, don’t you accept a word of this. Remain skeptical and continually compare this new information to your own perceptions of reality and what is true for you.

The lower mind is a rugged mind. It is designed to take over the duty of recording and filing everything that happens to the life unit when the life unit has gone unconscious and the higher mind has been temporarily turned off. This condition occurs when the life unit collides too forcefully with the physical universe resulting in pain and unconsciousness. For example, when the nonconformists were subjected to the tremendous amnesia producing force, their higher mind would shut down, the life unit, not being able to confront that degree of force, went unconscious but the lower mind was right there recording everything that occurred.

When I say pain and unconscious I’m speaking in terms of degrees of. As a demonstration, place one of your hands palm down on a solid flat surface. Now grab a piece of paper, napkin, business card or the like and using that paper product hit this hand as hard as you can. So what happens? Not much. Right? While force and impact were a part of this action the degree of impact was not sufficient to pull more than a small fraction of your attention from your immediate surroundings onto your hand and the point of contact where the paper struck it. Now grab a pen or pencil and hold it up and just let it drop onto your hand. The impact of the pen or pencil hitting your hand, while being greater than the paper, does still not pull more than a fraction of your attention from your immediate surroundings to your hand and the point of impact. Okay. Go get yourself a hammer. Now take the hammer and mock-up hitting your hand as hard as you possibly can. Well, in reality, if you were to actually hit your hand with the hammer, the instant that hammer strikes your hand there is sufficient impact, and now pain is there too, in the blow that your complete attention is pulled from your immediate environment to the precise point of impact and pain. In that moment, your body most likely did not fall over totally unconscious but you were, for all practical purposes, unconscious of your immediate environment. In this moment of impact, pain and unconsciousness; the life unit has essentially withdrawn, the higher-level mind stops recording and the lower level mind, not missing a beat, activates and records everything going on, all fifty plus perceptions, in 24th of a second increments. As the pain subsides, the life unit slowly returns its attention to the area i.e., consciousness, first to the injury then moving further and further out into the immediate environment, the lower mind passes the torch, so to speak, back to the higher mind and goes into standby mode. So here we have a finite period in time that includes degrees of pain and unconsciousness where the lower mind took over the recording and filing duties for the higher mind and all those recordings are stored in memory banks that are beneath the awareness of the life unit. The life unit doesn’t even have a clue that any recordings were even made. However, the life unit does have an awareness of a few moments of being stunned and sort of “blacked out.” Now, what happens in that incident where the lower mind is engaged and recording, has the potential to be very detrimental to the life unit.

If you were to draw a picture to represent the concept of reason or rationality it would simply be the drawing of a straight line going from point A to point B. If you were to apply force against this straight line of reason the line would bend and become crooked. It would cease to go from A to B and now might twist around or zig zag randomly from point to point. This crooked line represents irrationality. The Latin word aberrare means to deviate from or wander away from. The English forms of the word aberrare we use instead are, aberrant, aberrate or aberration. You could say that aberration is force applied against reason to such an extent that it pushes reason off its course. In any event, the higher mind is a mind of reason or the rational mind or the mind of the straight line. The lower mind is the aberrated mind. It is the irrational mind or the mind of the crooked line and it has the power to apply sufficient amounts of force against the inherent reason of the life unit to aberrate the rational behavior of the life unit by adversely affecting the rational operations of the higher mind.

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The Mind - #16 in the series

Reality Factor: We are soon going to be leaving Confederation space and time. I realize that our journey through this time is anything but light and airy. However, it is where we have begun our journey to the space outside and it is what it is. Before we leave the Confederation there is still a few more things to learn. In fact, learning about these things is critical to our overall journey. I know what is coming may get a bit too technical and therefore arduous to progress through but please hang in there.

The Mind

Note: This section of material can easily become confusing, therefore, I suggest that as you proceed in reading this section, if you do find yourself becoming confused, get some paper and something to draw with and then sketch out diagrams in order to better visualize the various relationships amongst the numerous components addressed.

We have been covering all of this information regarding implants and programs but there’s been no address given as to how the implants are implanted into the life unit. Well, they aren’t exactly implanted into the life unit. In order to understand something about this process we have to understand something about how the mind operates (not the brain).

I know. Separating the mind out from the brain and seeing the two as being totally different from one another is not that easy for those of us who have been so thoroughly and continually indoctrinated with the notion that they are one and the same. But the truth is they are not the same and they are not anything alike.

The brain is part of the organism composite of which the lower life force is the proprietor. The organism’s brain is an incredibly complex switchboard relaying information and direction throughout and between the various other systems of the body via a network of sub-switchboards. The organism does have a mind and does have memories but this is not the mind of the life unit. The life unit animates and commands the organism by way of knowingly or unknowingly impinging its directives via thought impulses against the glandular-system (in particular, the pituitary gland) switchboard, which then converts these emotional impulses into action via the motor controls of the organism. Essentially, the glandular system is an apparatus that has been designed and engineered to be a translator of thought. And thought, as by now you know, is not composed of physical matter, energy, space or time.

First off, in actuality, the life unit’s mind is about as necessary to the life unit as a load of rocks are to the functioning of your car. In other words, the mind is an unnecessary additive. However, it is an additive that life units brought into existence many, many eons prior to the inception of the Confederation and over a very long span of time they have utterly convinced themselves that they must have one for survival and have therefore become thoroughly enmeshed with their minds. The mind, unlike the organism, has no life force. It is not an entity although it may seem like one. The mind is a highly sophisticated and complex machine. It is the ne plus ultra of a recording and computing device and that’s about all it is. The mind is a recording, filing and computing machine that makes its recordings of the environment in picture form at the rate of about one picture every twenty-fourth of a second. The pictures/recordings are actually energy imprints of a finite moment in time and they are filed in chronological sequence and stored in the memory banks of the mind. The filing system is incredibly complex and it has an abundance of multi-layer cross-reference systems that would make the most brilliant computer software writer for enormous data bank management in the Confederation permanently green with envy. Also, the speed at which it can file, retrieve and analyze data is not anything you could believe.

A typical recording includes over fifty separate perceptions and it’s a recording reflecting what the life unit is focused on from its point of view. Besides the perceptions that you would expect to be in the recording, like sight, sound, smell, taste, color or absence of color; there are also sub-category perceptions of temperature, the different rates of motion from any moving particle in the picture, gamma rays, cosmic rays, emotions, tone, language, pressures on the body, body position and relation to other points of dimension, evaluations, thoughts, decisions, level of consciousness, other identities, their emotions, tone and so on. All of these and many more are typical content in each recording (energy imprint) that the mind makes every 24th of a second.

You might be wondering how long an average mind has been making these recordings. I can’t say for sure, and looking through Bob’s data here, I can find no specific mention of this detail but from things I have assimilated here and there from Bob’s story I can only offer an inference. All I can tell you is that if you were able to perceive the length of time an average mind belonging to a life unit has been in operation, you would believe that you must certainly be looking at eternity. Now, take that concept, as ambiguous as it is, then imagine a recording being made every 24th of a second and those fifty plus perceptions in each recording. Now imagine what the mind’s memory banks must look like. As you can easily see, the content of the life unit’s mind could not, in any way, be contained within the physical cells of the brain of a human organism, or for that matter, the brain of any other organism. Nor could they be contained within the most advanced memory capabilities of any computer. “So where is the mind kept?” you ask. Well, the best I can tell you is that it accompanies the life unit and is kept in the vicinity of the life unit in the form of highly organized energy. The life unit takes its mind wherever it goes and that, of course, includes organism to organism. And that’s all I am able to tell you right now.

In the mind there is a line of demarcation. Above the line the life unit has conscious awareness of and the potential for total access to every single recording; images with all perceptions (memories), the mind has ever recorded. There is differentiation observed from one recording to another, there is a distinction of time and discernment in the terms of past, present and future and progressive sequences and there is an ability to combine pictures in order to make new images (imagination). And, imagination is recognized as being imagination and not mistaken for reality or actuality. By the way, any access or use of the mind by the life unit is, of course, also recorded. In any case, the mind is a tool that the life unit uses to survive. A life unit accesses a multitude of recordings and uses the data in the memories to both pose and resolve problems, pass exams, chose a mate, learn, extrapolate, speculate on future events, predict consequences and so on.

Below the line of demarcation there exists a lower level of mind. And it is this lower mind that was utilized by the Dept. of Conformity’s programmers to effectively program the captured life units.

The Implant Programs - #15 in the series

Another favorite of the programmers, especially when they’ve run into a creative block and can’t think of anything else, is to implant the datum, “The next one is The One.”   This particular implanted command really gives a lot of “bang for the buck” because it can be stuck on absolutely anything and generates tons of chaos and misery that ripples out far and wide into the periphery. You might wonder how this one works.  Well, let’s say you have this guy or girl who, on one hand, has a basic pro-survival purpose and drive to find a mate, marry and procreate so as to ensure the continued existence of the species.  But every time they happen to meet a prospective mate and begin to move toward a solid relationship, the implant: “The next one is The One.” kicks in and they’re suddenly off chasing someone else, the next one – the one.  They’ll go along with this new person for a while with all looking great then the implant kicks in again and they’re immediately in pursuit of the next one – the one.  And so on and so on throughout their lifetime the cycle continues to repeat.  Although I’ve used the example of a relationship, imagine how this implant might affect a career, religious belief, political belief, etc. Like I said, this implant can be attached to anything.

Note: Again, Bob has downloaded so much material in regard to this programming of the prisoners that it’s literally mind-boggling. And this makes it extremely difficult to decide what to include and what to leave out. I am going to include another implant program that is in the category of family and sex but I’m not even going to get into the implants that are specifically crafted for politics and religion. I can tell you, though, these perverted bastards had themselves a real moment of creative inspiration when it came to the isms, the ists the ologies and the ologists. Ummm….on second thought, I will tell you something about this area of programming with regards to religion.

Now, what I am about to tell you may really hit you at your core beliefs, but as we continue our journey you will come to see how what I am about to reveal to you is what it is. A very powerful and effective control program that was installed was the Heaven and Hell program. This program also included angels, demons, gods, rituals and so on and so forth.

Most of the programmers on this assignment originated from societies’ lower class distinctions that have no choice but to be wired into bodies that had no gender.  Because of this they had no personal reality regarding anything to do with sex.  Therefore, they required instruction along sex lines and, because the instruction was incompetent, there were many misunderstandings and confusions that occurred but were never fully sorted out.  And, due to this situation, these programmers introduced some very peculiar elements into some of their program implants designed for the family and sex category.  One of the types of programs they seemed to have had an affinity for was based in creating sexual conflict by using two-staged implants.  The first stage of the implant would command the life unit to compulsively demand to have either a male or female gendered body.  The second stage of the implant would kick in at some point after the life unit had taken possession of and was animating the body.  The second stage command compelled the life unit to be the opposite sex from the body they occupied.

The two-staged implants where exceptionally popular in the family and sex category and there was a plethora of variations to these particular implants.  One of the reasons that the family and sex category was such a favorite among the programmers was that this category was a point of confluence among multiple survival urges.  Here we have a life unit, in a state of total amnesia, and programmed to obsess over bodies, in fact, the life unit has been programmed to completely identify with the body, that is; the body IS the life unit, the life unit IS the body - there is no distinction, the body and the life unit are one and the same.  And the implant dictates that there is only one body and only one lifetime so “care for the body,” “worship the body” become, for all practical purposes, religious mantras, which form the fundamental concepts that societies and civilizations are built around.  And of course, injury and death are to be resisted at all costs. There is also an obsession to ensure that there will always be new bodies arriving on the scene to replace the bodies that die.  But this obsession, ironically, comes from an implant that commands the life unit to, upon body death, take possession of a new body because if it doesn’t it will cease to exist – no body = no identity.  This particular implant is why when a society begins to slowly go by the boards –starving to death, for example - there is a surge of reproduction activity in a last ditch attempt to ensure that there will be new bodies available to replace the ones that are dying. Note: The baby boomers, despite what ever else has been cited as the cause, were actually a result of a surge of reproduction activated by the sudden presence of atomic energy being used destructively on the planet.   So procreation is an implanted must if the life unit is going to continue to exist through a particular species of organism. But this is often just the first stage of another type of two-stage implant that’s slipped into the mix. While the first stage demands reproduction the second stage demands that the life unit has a complete intolerance and repulsion for children.  So there are more than a few things going on with the life unit in regards to bodies.  But what about the body itself? What about that lower life form?

The life that is the life of organisms is a separate life force from life units.  It is a much lower harmonic of life than a life unit.  But like a life unit this level of life is also indestructible. This is the life force that is the architect, designer and engineer behind the genes, chromosomes, DNA, etc. and all that implies of any and all organisms. When the organism this lower life force is operating dies the life force moves into a new form of the same species of organism.  Now this level of life obviously has awareness but it is not aware of being aware (big difference).  Its prime directive, though, is to survive and its primary way of doing that is to constantly reengineer the organism that it is involved with to be equipped for better survival.  Therefore, this level of life welcomes death as another opportunity to evaluate the weaknesses of the organism and redesign for better survival (on a cellular level).  Of course, though, procreation is a basic drive of survival to ensure the longevity of the species of the organism.  Now this survival impulse can be set up to work against the life unit and produce conflict.  For example, the life unit can be implanted to have a disdain for procreation but is occupying an organism that, by its life force, is commanded to procreate.  But the life unit believing that it is the body, does not recognize this other life entity in the body, which is manifesting all of these weird procreation impulses and urges that the life unit is antipathetic to so the life unit is constantly fighting with the body, which it thinks it is.  I know.  It can really get confusing and don’t you dare believe a word of any of this.

By the way, the life unit, in occupying the same organism that is being animated by the lower life force, dominates the organism and has the potential to exert an overwhelming influence on the how the organism develops in systems and in shape.  For example, if you had a life unit that had been existing in one of the Confederation’s planetary systems where the primary body forms used by the life units in that area was reptilian and the life unit, because of a very lengthy association, had an ingrained affinity for that organism form, then the current body form that the life unit is involved with, even though not reptilian in the least, can be influenced to, in some way, manifest reptilian characteristics.  This, of course, is a direct override of the lower life force’s intention and agenda for that organism.  I must include, though, that this exterior influence that the life unit attempts to exert over the lower life form does not always end in a workable result.  More often than not these influences result in unworkable mutations of the organism. While at other times these efforts exerted onto the organisms by the life units result in complete new species of organisms. Also, I must add, that the influences that are being exerted by the life unit onto the organism are not done so knowingly. These influences or directives are brought about by residual memories leaking through and the life unit has no awareness of what is going on.

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The Amnesia Chambers - #14 in the series

One by one the nonconformists were forced into “the chambers” to receive their amnesia causing blast of force.  From there they were routed to “the chairs” where they received their implants of new programming. When the entire group had been processed they were loaded onto a disseminator vessel and shipped to the prison planet where they were scattered into the atmosphere.  Once they were in the atmosphere of the planet an implanted program kicked in that compelled each life unit to immediately move to the surface of the planet and assume a life form to animate as their new physical identity.

This prison system is referred to as “the prison without bars.”   The prisoners fully believe that they are free.  And because they believe they are free they are never in a position where they feel obligated to escape.  For all practical purposes they become their own jailers and even executioners.

Note: At this point Bob’s story gets tediously detailed and extended (more so than at any previous point). In fact, it could easily turn into a several hundred-page technical novel. Writing Bob’s novel is not my mission, therefore, I am going to do a major abridge of this material. The truth is Bob’s story, to some degree, is your story. At some point in time you may get your memory back or you may never get your memory back but, in any case, the heavily detailed and unabridged version of Bob’s story can wait. It is my hope, though; that eventually you will be able to fill the details of this story in for yourself and from your own point of view from where you were and what you were doing when this mess occurred. And if that process of memory recovery does not engage on this journey I postulate that it will soon begin for you.

Okay. Let’s take a brief look at the reprogramming that occurs after the amnesia blast. There are thousands of program writers utilized in this mass reprogramming effort. Many of these writers are captive artists of the state and they have, over time, become incredibly adept and creative along state approved lines.  Therefore, the programs that are being written, besides being detailed to the point of absurdity, are extremely creative in a very degraded sort of way. Hey, what did you expect?  Outside of the Bureau of Taxation, this is the work of the most psychotically perverted department in the whole confederacy. I’m going to just highlight some of the common fundamentals that are a part of every program.

Note: In order for the life units to be effectively programmed the programming had to be administered with pain, drugs and hypnosis (PDH) and, in this case, because they’re dealing with a disembodied life unit, the pain, drugs and hypnosis were all administered in an electronic form, that is; as wavelengths of energy in specific patterns.

The primary building block to any of these programs is conflict.  Conflict with self, conflict between genders, conflict with others, conflict with authority, conflict with organisms, conflict with the environment, conflict with spirituality, conflict with god – these are primary divisions of the basic building block of conflict in these programs.  This would include a variety of commands that oppose one another such as, must have – can’t have, must go – can’t go, must trust – can’t trust, must believe – can’t believe, must love – can’t love, must kill – can’t kill and so on and so forth. The installation of these opposing compulsions sticks the life unit in a perpetual chaotic mental turbulence wherein there is continuing doubt, need to restrain, failure in restraining, guilt and self-condemnation. The next fundamental, in order of importance, is mystery.  In other words, this part of the program generates obsessive questioning as to who and what one is, what is their purpose in life, who are they and so on and so forth, but of course, never allows the question to be actually answered.  However, the programmers have created some very ingenious “answers” to be activated whenever these questions are posed. Next on the list is a programmed prejudice toward anything perceived as different from oneself or one’s group coupled with a burning necessity to convert, by whatever means necessary, that observed difference into “my view of ‘truth’ or my group's view of 'truth'."  Followed up by the program, if I can’t convert you I’ll enslave you and if you aren’t a compliant slave I’ll torture you to death. And, of course, I had better not forget to mention the betrayal program that activates right after the confidence and trust programs have been thoroughly engaged.  So any program written for implantation is going to have at least myriad versions of all of these elements and many more.

As you might guess, the programs can’t help but be reflective of many of the very circumstances of life as currently being lived in the Confederation. Not to mention the programmer’s own sick oddities and peculiarities being mirrored in their writings.  Because of this, certain areas such as politics, religion, family and sex, bodies, languages, money and basic survival issues are areas that have been heavily concentrated on by the programmers.  Of course, conflict, mystery, prejudice and betrayal have all been meticulously and sadistically woven into the fabric of these programs.

One practice that is a favorite among the programmers is to implant a subject with an obsessive compulsion to obtain a specific goal and then rig it (booby-trap it) so that it’s impossible for the goal to ever be obtained.  Just when the person has their goal right in their hands something happens to ruin it all.  So the person goes through a lifetime intently striving to attain a particular goal that they’re extremely passionate about and means everything to them, but never being able to realize it.  It’s always just out of reach.  And if the program does allow them to realize it, the instant they have it something will occur to cause them to lose it.

Freedom Fighters Captured - #13 in the series

The Department of Conformity, in liaison with other special police units of the Confederation, worked in tandem to make this a successful mission. The Dept.’s forces went out and set up traps to aid in the capture of the nonconformists. Many of these traps were baited with aesthetics. Life units are highly attracted to aesthetics. One of the reasons is that the wavelength of aesthetics, which, by the way, is a straight line, approximates the no wavelength actuality of the life unit. Remember, any wavelength the life unit is going around emanating is only mocked-up and is an illusion. Anyway, the traps are baited and the traps along with the other enacted plans eventually result in all nonconforming life units being located and captured.

Note: the capture of the nonconformists did not come easy or quick for the Dept. of Conformity. It was a mission that took a very long time to complete. Bob’s story as it has been given to me has much data about the Dept. carrying out this capture process of the nonconformists. I must confess that as the material was incredibly tedious I didn’t even make the attempt to move my awareness into it.
So who are these horrible nonconformists? Well, the life units that comprise this group may surprise you. Of course, it contains the worst of the worst in regards to the known criminals and villains of the Confederation. These particular life units were mentally fixated in past incidents when they were attempting to not be overwhelmed by their enemy. Therefore, being stuck in a moment of severe life or death conflict in the past (in other words, never being in the present time), they were compelled to be in constant battle against anything and everything in the present that to them was still perceived to be the past. In simple words, these life units were insane and they sure weren't helping to better anything. But other nonconformists captured also included the best of the best of artists, managers, executives, engineers, architects, scientists and geniuses (to name a few). And, last but certainly not least, the freedom fighters are in this notorious group. But it is, by far, the artists who are considered to be the worst of all the nonconformists and even more dangerous than the most insane criminals.

This collection of life units never conformed. They would not let themselves become robotic pawns of the Confederation’s rule. Except for the criminals, the life units in this group were very aware of the degenerating and degradation downward spiral that the Confederation was on. They worked relentlessly to enlighten others to this condition in hopes of turning the downward plunge of life around. They championed many a rebellion and did manage to somewhat inhibit the progress and growth of the Confederation. But they were constantly hounded and persecuted by the powers that be. And the Dept. made sure that the societies of the Confederation at large perceived these hardened nonconformists to be the scourge of the universe and public enemy number one. Also, as far as life units go in regards to orders of magnitude, between the criminals and nonconformists there was nothing less than a grizzly bear with more than a few elephants and even a few blue whales. So, as easily observed by the effects they created, these were certainly some formidable and rather large and powerful life units.
This group of criminals and nonconformists, though, were not nearly the complete roster of those destined for the prison planet. The criminals made up only about two percent of the prisoners and the nonconformists made up only eighteen percent. So who made up the remaining eighty percent?
The Dept. of Conformity had been at odds with the nonconformists for eons. And all this time neither one had been able to get the upper hand and keep it for any length of time. The nonconformists were fighting the Dept. in any way they could whether it be overtly or covertly. The nonconformists were extremely antipathetic to the Dept.’s horrendously brutal techniques of behavior modification and worked tirelessly to end it. Ironically, though, it was the existence and the persistent attacks of the nonconformists that served as the continual motivation for the Dept. The dept kept its best behavior modification scientists working around the clock to come up with a way to once and for all stop the nonconformists. This constant research by this highly specialized unit resulted in many new breakthroughs in the field of behavior modification technologies that went into broad use on the population at large throughout the Confederation. And these technologies may very well never have come into existence had it not been for the never ending resistance of nonconformists.

When the nonconformists were finally brought down, there was suddenly a huge void in the Dept. of Conformity. The game was over. They had won. Their nemesis for what had seemed like an eternity was no more. After all the celebrating and hoopla regarding the capture and exile of the nonconformists was concluded, the entire Dept. of Conformity slipped into a severe state of depression. The solution to this dire state of affairs came in the form of coming up with a new nemesis. Of course, there was no comparable adversary to the nonconformists but desperate times call for desperate measures. So the dept began to randomly round up, from around the Confederation, any citizen that had been reported as being "chronic" at not being competent at their job or on their post. For example: The Confederation had an unbelievably suppressive and complicated labyrinth of tax systems. The Bureau of Taxation was a sadistic political entity that sucked the very life-blood from the citizens, especially the working class citizens, of the Confederation. Anyway, the Bureau was insane on details and occasionally some low-level admin personnel would neglect to cross a “t” or dot and “i” (literally) and that would be that. It would be off to behavior modification with him or her. And if this type of offense occurred more than twice it was off to the amnesia chamber and then onto the prison planet. So eighty percent of the prison planet’s prisoner population was made up of similar idiotic cases to this one. And who knows, maybe somewhere in that group there might have actually been a life unit or two that was at least sentimental to the nonconformists’ cause. Now as far as the order of magnitude of the life units that made up this eighty percent, it was predominately somewhere in between wolves and field mice.

When the Dept. made its announcement to the entire Confederation about the successful capture of the nonconformists and that they were going to be exiled to a far off prison, there was rejoicing and celebration to excess among the vast number of populations from one side of the Confederation to the other.  The evil nonconformists were no more!