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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Separation from Self as Cause - # 27 in the series

If a life unit constantly wins the game that it is playing the game eventually becomes a no-game condition.  If a life unit constantly loses at the game it is playing then that circumstance will also eventually become a no-game condition. A no-game condition is both undesirable and unacceptable to a life unit.  In either situation, the only answer the life unit will apply to remedy the condition is to further lower its knowingness allowing it to restart the game at a different level (lower level) with the idea that a good game can be played at this level.  What is a good game?  A good game is a game that has the optimum balance between the predictable and the unpredictable elements of the game and presents a sufficient challenge to the life unit where the life unit knows it has a more than good chance of winning but yet is not completely certain of winning.  That’s a good game.  And, by the way, somewhere in there you can also find the root of happiness.

Bringing order to this chaotic illusion proves to be a very difficult objective to the life units (at least they pretend it is) so they begin to ignore that particular objective and start to mock-up all sorts of other good games to play with one another.  They mock up an incredible and immense diversity of galaxies and planetary systems to serve as props for their games. Populating their planets with all manner of life forms becomes the new rage that all the life units get quite vigorous about.  They then animate their mocked-up populations like little boys do with their plastic army men and little girls do with their Barbie dolls.   The life units mock-up incredibly detailed civilizations including architecture, art, culture, social and political systems and getting very detailed as to the types and color combinations of trim on the front porches of the houses and the design of the doorknobs, the style of clothing the life forms wear and even how they wear their hair and so on and so forth.  And then, as part of an agreed upon game, one life unit will have its people attack the mocked-up people of its opponent in the game and vice a versa.  These games become extremely popular among the life units.  In fact, with these really fun games to play the desire or need to sort out the chaos, which is the physical universe becomes less and less. In other words, life begins to get distracted from the original game. The variations on these types of games played by the life units playing with this illusion is enormous and the games get increasingly more complicated, serious and forceful as the life units continue to lower their knowingness in order to be able to have a game.

Note:  I am not making any reference to time as we go through this experience because the lengths of time, in earth terms of time, is so expansive that the numbers would be so unrealistic that they would have no meaning for us.  Just realize that the span of time that we’re going through here, from our point of view and in our terms, is very, very, very, very long.

Well, this type of game activity goes on and goes on and goes on some more then something incredibly harmful occurs in the illusion that is comparable to strapping rocket engines, which are blasting their full force, onto a plane that is already in a free fall.  The dwindling spiral greatly tightens its spirals with the addition of this new lie entered into the illusion.

Until this point in the illusion, every single life unit in the overall game maintained a level of responsibility where they fully knew they were being one hundred percent cause for everything they and every other life unit was experiencing. In other words, they knew that they were the source of all and they fully knew that they were engaged in a game of pretense.  They fully knew they were playing in an illusion that was of their own creation and being an illusion they knew it was not truth.  It was their product and they were, one for one, quite proud of this creation of theirs. They were also fully aware of a constant and consecutive self-imposed reduction of knowingness that they could undo whenever they intended.  But this new lie added into the illusion began to rapidly change all of that.

A life unit is eternal.  It is infinity.  It is impossible to hurt or destroy or in anyway disparage a life unit.  But the life unit, as itself, is capable of assuming any point of view and is also capable of being, doing or having absolutely anything it intends.  Another way to look at it would be to say that life has the ability to be the complete effect of its own cause and be fully aware of what is going on and how.  But life had entered onto a descending path where it constantly was lowering its knowingness and understanding in order to continue having a good game and, even though life had an awareness of this condition, maybe that’s why life so readily went into agreement with the absurd notion that it could hurt another life unit and other life units could hurt it.  It was just looked at as another element of the game that could be undone at anytime.

Well, whatever the reason this notion came into being and regardless of how it much it might have seemed like a good idea at the time, it did not play out to be a good idea at all.  In fact, it became the booby-trap that gave life a one-way ticket DOWN in the dwindling spiral.  And not long after the full acceptance of this idea there came one bad idea (lie) after another.  Life was acting like a drowning man who kept asking that he be given another concrete block to hold onto.  And every time he asked for it he got it.  And as he descended the games began to get increasingly more uncomfortable, more solid, more complicated, more forceful and more serious.  The games began to cease being recognized as the illusions they were and began to be considered as being real.  But the drowning man had reduced his knowingness, his perception and his understanding to such a degree that he was no longer aware that he was the one who was both requesting and delivering himself the blocks.  He began to pretend that someone else was doing this to him.  He invested himself so fully into this pretense that he new that someone or something else was the cause that was responsible for his condition at which point the illusion became his very real eternity.  And he found himself quite trapped in his own creation.

Do you see the irony here?  The illusion, which we know as the physical universe of matter, energy, space and time comes into being.  This universe is a chaotic and confused universe that was preceded by a state of orderly creation.  And in being an illusion it is a lie and because it is a lie it has persistence.  If you could assign a purpose to an illusion the fundamental purpose of this particular illusion would be to bring chaos to order. Or, another way to put it would be, to make nothing out of something.  Life, on the other hand, looks upon this illusion as a very wonderful creation that offers a plethora of game opportunities including the primary game objective of bringing order to the chaos, or, to make a something out of this nothing.  And so the contest between life and life’s created illusion i.e., the physical universe began.  But the surprise is, that all knowing all-powerful life has been on a continuous path of losing in this contest against its own creation.  And that circumstance I see as being incredibly ironic to the point of being a reduction to absurdity.

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