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Friday, May 27, 2011

Life's Creation Increases In Complexity - #28 in the series

I want to return to the entrance and agreement with the lie that life can hurt and be hurt.  I want to describe for you some mechanics that came into play in the game because of this lie.  Almost immediately after this lie regarding life agreeing to be able to hurt and be hurt, the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, came into being with the concepts of blame, shame and regret not being very far behind.

Life is good.  There is no harm, pain, hurt, bad or evil in life.  Life is inherently and only good.  Life is truth and good is truth.  Any concepts of hurt, bad and evil can only exist because life considers they exist.  The idea that life can hurt life brings forth, for the first time, the manifestation of the concept of something being not good, wrong, bad, evil, etc.  When a life unit is convinced it has hurt something, especially another life unit, the life unit supposedly doing the hurting suddenly mocks-up the feelings of regret and guilt.  Note: the life unit has to mock these feelings up in order for them to be there.  The life unit does not intend to hurt but being convinced that it has hurt now mocks-up feeling bad about having done so.  The life unit doesn’t like this feeling and decides that in order to not hurt again it must reduce its capabilities and withhold itself.  And, as a way of protecting the area from its bad actions, the life unit compels itself to withdraw from the area where it has caused hurt/damage.  Thus, life is protecting that which it has hurt from again being its victim. And this mechanic is exceptionally noteworthy due to the fact that it acts as a particularly powerful self-disabling factor for a life unit to impose upon self that greatly accelerates the life unit’s descent on the dwindling spiral and further and further away from the original game and objective. 

Another mechanic of this that begins to kick in here is that the life unit after being convinced that it can and has caused hurt, damage, disparagement, etc., craves a reason to explain or justify why it has caused this harm. Life wants a way to make this harmful act okay. The life unit considers that if it has a justifiable reason for causing the harm then the action of harming is minimized to the point of actually being an acceptable thing to have done.  Of course, having this justification opens the door for it to be okay for the harmful action to be repeated.  But every time the life unit is convinced it has caused harm it will, despite the justifications, despite how “okay” it all is, reduce its abilities and withdraw, to some degree, from the area.  And here is where the dwindling spiral becomes a steep slide. Here is where the “secrets” start to accumulate and pile up.  And the more secrets the less communication there is and the less communication there is the less life there is. The life unit begins to descend very rapidly.  But rapidly at this level and rapidly at the level where we currently reside are not even comparable.  Also, at this upper level the kinds of harm a life unit can be accused of by another life unit is something along the lines of, “Hey, you just destroyed my entire system of galaxies and all my trillions of lower life form mock-ups!  You have really hurt me!”  And, at this point, the real game was in the action of convincing another life unit that it had hurt you and, at the same time, keeping yourself from being convinced that you had hurt anything. There were no real repercussions. At least as how we would consider repercussions looking at it from our current perspective from where we are on the spiral staircase.

In observing the above mechanics it’s not much of a stretch to see that what would eventually come into being would be a movement for the life units to come to some sort of an agreement amongst themselves delineating what was going to be considered right and what was going to be considered wrong in the game.  And this movement would eventually evolve into the establishment of all manner of moral codes and codes of ethics.  However, at this stage of life’s involvement in the illusion and the introduction of this new lie, there is not a consensus of agreement between all the life units as to what is to be considered right and what is to be considered wrong and when it’s supposed to be considered what.  Thus the game descends into even more complexity.  Life units begin to break off into separate groups, clubs, fraternities, guilds, coalitions, etc., that come up with their own unique set of considerations and agreements on what is right and what is wrong and when it is what it is.  And these considerations and agreements are in a constant state of flux. Also, these agreements vary wildly and widely from group to group and many are in opposition to one another.  So life begins to manifest frequent disagreements with other life that does not agree the way that it does and this set of circumstances just becomes the most recent link of what is a very long chain of odd facets of the primary game of bringing order to chaos.

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