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Friday, May 27, 2011

The One Percent Factor - #33 in the series

Get the image that 99% of your awareness (99% of you) has located itself in a single cell on the end of your big toe.  And if you don’t happen to have a big toe, then have it be on one of your other toes.  And if you don’t happen to have any toes, then, for this example, mock some up.  Located on a single cell on the end of your big toe is your point of view of life and livingness. You are not even aware that you are located at the end of a toe much less that there are other toes and all the toes are on a foot that is connected to a leg that is connected to a torso, which has another leg, foot and toes, and there are arms with hands and fingers and there is a head fixed in a precarious position resting on top of this very interesting structure on which you have located yourself in a single cell on the end of one of its big toes.

The 99% of awareness that is you is life force that is either trapped in the lower mind in a turbulent state or if it’s not yet trapped it is in a highly vulnerable position in relationship to the lower mind.  This simply means that the content of the lower mind can easily be activated by your present time environment and exert compelling irrational influence upon your behavior and adversely impact your quality of existence.

Sometimes, in the proper agreed upon frame of reference, everything seems perfectly okay i.e., life is grand!  All is going great.  But these moments never seem to be completely stable. Just when all is going quite nicely some trigger happens to get pulled that sets into motion a string of irrationality that screws it all up. A blatant example of this is the highly irrational behavior displayed by one of NASA’s female astronauts early in 2006 (perhaps you will recall this incident). This individual, acting out some irrational computation originating from her lower mind, for all practical purposes, had deleted from broad public perception, the bulk of any prior noteworthy accomplishments.  She will not be remembered for being an accomplished astronaut.  She will, though, be remembered for a moment of irrationality that involved wearing diapers and spraying pepper spray in another woman’s face. The image was a disappointing and pathetic image that, at the time, was shoved into our universe by the media as part of their ongoing effort to make nothing out of something.  And, of course, this unfortunate moment of insanity rippled out from her to her victim and those connected to her victim, to her kids, her family, her relatives, her friends, her coworkers and so on.  In any event, this is the condition of life in the here and now and this is the state life has considered and agreed to be in, in this place and time in the physical universe illusion.  And what happened to this aberrated life unit in its current woman astronaut identity can happen to anyone of us because we are all traveling in the same boat that is primarily captained by the lower mind. Each one of us has our own peculiar compilation of irrationality that we can, in an instant, become the adverse effect of.

Now, let’s get back to our one percent factor example.

In the head of this body we’ve mocked up, you have a full 1% of free life or life force that is totally unaffected or influenced, in any way, by the content of your lower mind. This 1% is pure life (pure you) and exists in an uncontaminated state.  It is free life force that is very much connected to and fully aware of life as being its own universe.  For some wonderful reason it has been spared becoming the illusion it was a part of creating.  And that being the case, this 1% you of free awareness has a completely different viewpoint and point of view on life, livingness and the illusion than the 99% contaminated you.  In this 1% you there is still the ability to know all without the need of any data.  In fact, in this 1% you do know all while the 99% you only has that ability existing as potential. Without any doubts or reservations, this tiny percentage of you knows exactly where you are, what you are, who you really are and what the hell it is that you’re really doing.

Note: I want you to understand that the percents of 99 and 1 are completely arbitrary. . Unfortunately the 1%, in most cases, is extremely generous. The percentages from person to person will vary but will not vary to any marked degree among the life units on this planet. However, the power of life is so enormous that even the smallest fraction of free life force can make a tremendous difference in a life unit’s survival potential.

The free you, the 1%, happens to be in communication with the still free portions of other life units up and down the levels of the illusion as well as outside of the illusion.  In other words, these free fractions of uncontaminated life are being the life universe and are in full communication with life.  The part of you that remains free of the illusion is more than ready for the complete You and your playmates to go home.  As are the other free fragments of life that you are in communication with.  The problem is the bulk of what is you, the bulk of what is me and the bulk of what makes up the other life units is caught in a vast incredibly complex labyrinth both created and perpetuated by our own incredibly stupid shortsighted agreements including agreeing to being the effect of our lower mind.

If we happen to perceive the 1% of ourselves that is free, we commonly refer to that part of us as our conscience talking to us, or we think of it as our intuition, ESP, clairvoyance, sixth sense, our higher-self, angels or even God. Numerous other occurrences, that are categorized as being peculiar coincidences of life, dreams, synchronicities, or products of our wild imaginations are actually the result of the free us attempting to influence the unaware us to go in a certain direction, avoid something or someone, make a particular decision, etc. and all from the intention of becoming more self-aware, more conscious, more rational and being in a better and stronger state of operation.

The free you is constantly trying to, in some way or another, steer the 99%, heavily encumbered, you in directions that will hopefully lead to the 99% you waking up and remembering what the heck is going on and return to being who you really are.  As futile as this may seem from the point of view of the 99% you, that tiny piece of you that is free never considers what it is doing to be futile. The free you never gives up on the lost and trapped you and it never will. In fact, the concept of never or can’t does not even exist for the one percent you.

Note: In the last twenty plus years I have been able to develop a fairly decent line of communication between the 1% me and my 99% me. It began with me ceasing to invalidate this phenomenon that I couldn’t explain. Anyway, over this time I have managed to gradually increase the 1% me by probably as much as a hundredth of a percent so the free me is now around 1.001%. And let me tell you, that .001 % increase is of tremendous value. In any case, the communication line between free me and trapped me is very important. I am able (most of the time) to discern between communications from the 1.001% me and chatter from the lower mind. The 1.001% me does not tend to deliver its communications via audio, in other words, I don’t hear “voices” either inside of or outside of my head. The communications from the free me are conceptual. “Voices” verbalizing erroneous, nullifying and destructive chatter originate from the lower mind. Chatter from the lower mind is always toward succumb by way of commanding that the life unit enact wrong solutions for the present time situation. The lower mind is always making less out of something and its data and compelled behavior is always inappropriate to the present circumstances. Any self-doubt, self-invalidation, or any feeling of inadequacy, etc. is lower mind chatter that one can easily, especially if they are not aware of the existence of a lower mind, mistakenly identify as their own feelings and beliefs about themselves i.e., “This is just the way I am.” The chatter from the lower mind that can be heard as “voices” inside one’s head is just circuitry of lower mind recordings (recorded who knows when and under what circumstances beyond the typical pain and unconsciousness content) being played back. The 1% does not usually communicate in “voices,” except as depicted in the movies…for instance, Field of Dreams and Conversations with God, but communicates more in the form of gut instinct, intuition, through dreams, concepts and occasionally through other people.

There is another factor regarding the relationship between the 99% you and the 1% you that I want to inform you about. This factor concerns the time that passes from when a question is asked and an answer is received. For example, let’s say anytime that you ask Roger a yes or no question he always instantly responds with a “No” - even when to do so is obviously irrational. What happens is that your question enters the 99% Roger that is heavily enmeshed with all manner of mental machinery and lower mind circuitry e.g., the circuit that responds no to any yes or no question and the instant a question is received it gets the circuit reaction of “No” (totally a stimulus response). However, your question doesn’t necessarily stop there because your intention was such that you intended this question to reach the rational free person because you desired a rational answer to your question. Therefore, a few minutes, hours, days or weeks later (depending on your intention level and the person’s degree of mental machinery in active operation) your question arrives at the person and the answer is an instant yes, which is the rational response to your question. The obvious problem being, though, is that the rational answer, because of the delay, is no longer appropriate to the current situation, which is now at a different point in the time continuum. In other words you needed the answer at the time you asked the question, not a day or week later.

In my case, and for whatever reason, 1.001% me seems to be able to reach the 98.999% me best when I am writing. Whenever I sit down to write about something my writing will usually end up going in directions that I had no intention (at least the 98.999% me had no intention) of going. That being said, I want you to know that the bulk of the content of The Space Outside has been originated by the 1.001% me and, I have to tell you, the 98.999% me has been quite surprised in what has shown up on these pages and more than once it has attempted to, in some way, derail the writing of this material.

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