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Friday, May 27, 2011

The One Percent Factor - #33 in the series

Get the image that 99% of your awareness (99% of you) has located itself in a single cell on the end of your big toe.  And if you don’t happen to have a big toe, then have it be on one of your other toes.  And if you don’t happen to have any toes, then, for this example, mock some up.  Located on a single cell on the end of your big toe is your point of view of life and livingness. You are not even aware that you are located at the end of a toe much less that there are other toes and all the toes are on a foot that is connected to a leg that is connected to a torso, which has another leg, foot and toes, and there are arms with hands and fingers and there is a head fixed in a precarious position resting on top of this very interesting structure on which you have located yourself in a single cell on the end of one of its big toes.

The 99% of awareness that is you is life force that is either trapped in the lower mind in a turbulent state or if it’s not yet trapped it is in a highly vulnerable position in relationship to the lower mind.  This simply means that the content of the lower mind can easily be activated by your present time environment and exert compelling irrational influence upon your behavior and adversely impact your quality of existence.

Sometimes, in the proper agreed upon frame of reference, everything seems perfectly okay i.e., life is grand!  All is going great.  But these moments never seem to be completely stable. Just when all is going quite nicely some trigger happens to get pulled that sets into motion a string of irrationality that screws it all up. A blatant example of this is the highly irrational behavior displayed by one of NASA’s female astronauts early in 2006 (perhaps you will recall this incident). This individual, acting out some irrational computation originating from her lower mind, for all practical purposes, had deleted from broad public perception, the bulk of any prior noteworthy accomplishments.  She will not be remembered for being an accomplished astronaut.  She will, though, be remembered for a moment of irrationality that involved wearing diapers and spraying pepper spray in another woman’s face. The image was a disappointing and pathetic image that, at the time, was shoved into our universe by the media as part of their ongoing effort to make nothing out of something.  And, of course, this unfortunate moment of insanity rippled out from her to her victim and those connected to her victim, to her kids, her family, her relatives, her friends, her coworkers and so on.  In any event, this is the condition of life in the here and now and this is the state life has considered and agreed to be in, in this place and time in the physical universe illusion.  And what happened to this aberrated life unit in its current woman astronaut identity can happen to anyone of us because we are all traveling in the same boat that is primarily captained by the lower mind. Each one of us has our own peculiar compilation of irrationality that we can, in an instant, become the adverse effect of.

Now, let’s get back to our one percent factor example.

In the head of this body we’ve mocked up, you have a full 1% of free life or life force that is totally unaffected or influenced, in any way, by the content of your lower mind. This 1% is pure life (pure you) and exists in an uncontaminated state.  It is free life force that is very much connected to and fully aware of life as being its own universe.  For some wonderful reason it has been spared becoming the illusion it was a part of creating.  And that being the case, this 1% you of free awareness has a completely different viewpoint and point of view on life, livingness and the illusion than the 99% contaminated you.  In this 1% you there is still the ability to know all without the need of any data.  In fact, in this 1% you do know all while the 99% you only has that ability existing as potential. Without any doubts or reservations, this tiny percentage of you knows exactly where you are, what you are, who you really are and what the hell it is that you’re really doing.

Note: I want you to understand that the percents of 99 and 1 are completely arbitrary. . Unfortunately the 1%, in most cases, is extremely generous. The percentages from person to person will vary but will not vary to any marked degree among the life units on this planet. However, the power of life is so enormous that even the smallest fraction of free life force can make a tremendous difference in a life unit’s survival potential.

The free you, the 1%, happens to be in communication with the still free portions of other life units up and down the levels of the illusion as well as outside of the illusion.  In other words, these free fractions of uncontaminated life are being the life universe and are in full communication with life.  The part of you that remains free of the illusion is more than ready for the complete You and your playmates to go home.  As are the other free fragments of life that you are in communication with.  The problem is the bulk of what is you, the bulk of what is me and the bulk of what makes up the other life units is caught in a vast incredibly complex labyrinth both created and perpetuated by our own incredibly stupid shortsighted agreements including agreeing to being the effect of our lower mind.

If we happen to perceive the 1% of ourselves that is free, we commonly refer to that part of us as our conscience talking to us, or we think of it as our intuition, ESP, clairvoyance, sixth sense, our higher-self, angels or even God. Numerous other occurrences, that are categorized as being peculiar coincidences of life, dreams, synchronicities, or products of our wild imaginations are actually the result of the free us attempting to influence the unaware us to go in a certain direction, avoid something or someone, make a particular decision, etc. and all from the intention of becoming more self-aware, more conscious, more rational and being in a better and stronger state of operation.

The free you is constantly trying to, in some way or another, steer the 99%, heavily encumbered, you in directions that will hopefully lead to the 99% you waking up and remembering what the heck is going on and return to being who you really are.  As futile as this may seem from the point of view of the 99% you, that tiny piece of you that is free never considers what it is doing to be futile. The free you never gives up on the lost and trapped you and it never will. In fact, the concept of never or can’t does not even exist for the one percent you.

Note: In the last twenty plus years I have been able to develop a fairly decent line of communication between the 1% me and my 99% me. It began with me ceasing to invalidate this phenomenon that I couldn’t explain. Anyway, over this time I have managed to gradually increase the 1% me by probably as much as a hundredth of a percent so the free me is now around 1.001%. And let me tell you, that .001 % increase is of tremendous value. In any case, the communication line between free me and trapped me is very important. I am able (most of the time) to discern between communications from the 1.001% me and chatter from the lower mind. The 1.001% me does not tend to deliver its communications via audio, in other words, I don’t hear “voices” either inside of or outside of my head. The communications from the free me are conceptual. “Voices” verbalizing erroneous, nullifying and destructive chatter originate from the lower mind. Chatter from the lower mind is always toward succumb by way of commanding that the life unit enact wrong solutions for the present time situation. The lower mind is always making less out of something and its data and compelled behavior is always inappropriate to the present circumstances. Any self-doubt, self-invalidation, or any feeling of inadequacy, etc. is lower mind chatter that one can easily, especially if they are not aware of the existence of a lower mind, mistakenly identify as their own feelings and beliefs about themselves i.e., “This is just the way I am.” The chatter from the lower mind that can be heard as “voices” inside one’s head is just circuitry of lower mind recordings (recorded who knows when and under what circumstances beyond the typical pain and unconsciousness content) being played back. The 1% does not usually communicate in “voices,” except as depicted in the movies…for instance, Field of Dreams and Conversations with God, but communicates more in the form of gut instinct, intuition, through dreams, concepts and occasionally through other people.

There is another factor regarding the relationship between the 99% you and the 1% you that I want to inform you about. This factor concerns the time that passes from when a question is asked and an answer is received. For example, let’s say anytime that you ask Roger a yes or no question he always instantly responds with a “No” - even when to do so is obviously irrational. What happens is that your question enters the 99% Roger that is heavily enmeshed with all manner of mental machinery and lower mind circuitry e.g., the circuit that responds no to any yes or no question and the instant a question is received it gets the circuit reaction of “No” (totally a stimulus response). However, your question doesn’t necessarily stop there because your intention was such that you intended this question to reach the rational free person because you desired a rational answer to your question. Therefore, a few minutes, hours, days or weeks later (depending on your intention level and the person’s degree of mental machinery in active operation) your question arrives at the person and the answer is an instant yes, which is the rational response to your question. The obvious problem being, though, is that the rational answer, because of the delay, is no longer appropriate to the current situation, which is now at a different point in the time continuum. In other words you needed the answer at the time you asked the question, not a day or week later.

In my case, and for whatever reason, 1.001% me seems to be able to reach the 98.999% me best when I am writing. Whenever I sit down to write about something my writing will usually end up going in directions that I had no intention (at least the 98.999% me had no intention) of going. That being said, I want you to know that the bulk of the content of The Space Outside has been originated by the 1.001% me and, I have to tell you, the 98.999% me has been quite surprised in what has shown up on these pages and more than once it has attempted to, in some way, derail the writing of this material.

An Inept Doorman - #32 in the series

Now for some good news.  Not all of the life units chose to go down the dwindling spiral staircase as quickly as others.  There continues to be many life units playing in the illusion at the uppermost levels and, actually, at all the intermediate levels too.  Life, in the illusion, is in various stages of play.  But, for sure, all those life units that devolved to the point of denying where, what and who they really are, and are now considering themselves to be nothing more than meat bodies serving or not serving some supreme entity(s) or another, are most definitely off the illusion’s primary game board.  They are looked upon, by other life units still high in the game, as the shattered pieces.  By the way, when a life unit is still considered to be in the major game, there is no concept of work. It is only when a life unit dwindles off the major game board that the concept of work shows up. You could say that work is a penalty that life inflicts upon itself for not playing the senior game.

Well, I thought that was going to be good news but when you get down to the end it really doesn’t sound all that good does it?

We have come a very long way from a place that is not a place, to the creation of the physical universe illusion, to the beginning of time and then through time and various events of some importance in the illusion to almost the present.  Yes, we have come a long way but there is still a bit more left to show and tell in this unusual journey of ours.  As you might imagine, I have left out immense volumes of details and stories galore as we have made our journey.  There is so very much more that I could tell you but the truth is, that the rest of the story and the details are there for you to discover for yourself.  I am just the doorman and not a very good one at that.  I have just arrived on the scene to meet you at the curb and then escort you up a few steps or maybe we use the ramp instead, but whatever short path we take we’ll still arrive at the same location. In any event, all I can do is indicate where the door might be. See what I mean? If I was a good doorman I would not only find the door for you I would open it too. In reality, the actual journey has not yet even begun.  If you decide to continue further and are able to locate your door and then step across the threshold, you will not be alone on the other side.  I assure you that there are competent guides waiting to assist you.  I know this for a fact. 

Life Gets A Meat Body - #31 in the series

All right. We are now once again shifting our point of view and we find ourselves somewhere in the vicinity of one hundred and fifty trillion years or so (give or take twenty-five trillion) from present time.
In the beginning life thought the addition of the lower stimulus response mind was an incredible thing. However, there was much about the mechanics of this device that life did not understand and did not bother to understand. For example, life did not realize or understand that the lower level mind, with each recording that it made, was actually entrapping a degree of the life unit’s agitated life force within that recording that included impact, pain and unconsciousness. And, of course, as the life unit was consistently dwindling its awareness and abilities in order to have a game and then, because it kept doing bad things, it was continually reducing its abilities in an attempt to protect others from harm from itself. Finally, if this wasn’t enough, the lower mind was consistently trapping more and more life force, which also reduced the power of the life unit and built up the content of turbulent energy entrapped in the lower mind, hence, the mechanics of the lower mind remained completely obscure. In fact, the life unit eventually got to a point where it was not remotely cognizant that it even had, or ever had, a lower mind. In other words, the lower mind came to exist beneath the life unit’s level of awareness i.e., to the life unit there was no lower level mind and never had been. 

When we got ourselves on the downward side of the spiral staircase I suppose that we never even looked back.  We just kept taking one downward step after another.  And because we continually were reducing our knowingness, abilities and sphere of influence within the illusion, we never even noticed that each step we took was a bit smaller than the one before it.  But one thing is for sure and that is that every step down that we have taken lead us to taking the next downward step.

Well, from where we are in time in our journey, the next step down on the downward side of the spiral staircase was where life started to become oddly fascinated by lower life forms.  Do you recall me telling you the typical relationship that the life units had with the lower life forms?  Boy, by this time, has that ever changed!  Now, all of a sudden (whatever all of a sudden means when you’re talking in trillions of years), life is finding these lower life forms very appealing and they are particularly attracted to the sensations that these forms are emanating.  For example, those sensations generated in the act of reproduction and eating are exceptionally attractive to the life unit.  Sensations, which, by the way, are very low level sensations.

It doesn’t take much extrapolation to see where this is going.  Life begins to associate very closely with lower life forms of all types and shapes in all parts of the universe.  The lower life force has done its job remarkably well as there is a plethora of amazing life forms/organisms in existence.  Little by little the life units literally begin to move into and take over the controls of the lower life form species and this is where things really begin to get disgustingly interesting.  We now have life degraded to such a low level that it is pretending to be a lower life form.  We have life units with their higher and lower minds joining with living organisms that have only lower minds and memories on a cellular level but all the minds have their recordings in picture form and there is now confusion between those recordings of the life units’ minds and those recordings of the organisms’ minds.  In other words, the recordings get scrambled and you have situations where a life unit is looking at the picture recording made by the mind of an organism and the life unit’s mind makes a duplicate recording to file in its memory banks but it never was an actual experience of the life unit but now acts as a legitimate memory of the life unit.  The life unit considers that there is just one mind and that is the mind of the life unit.  The life unit has long ceased to be aware of ever having a lower mind installed and it certainly isn’t aware of the mind of the organism.  As you can see, this can get really, really, complicated.  Now add on over a hundred trillion years of recordings made by a life unit as it has existed in meat body societies and then you have complication squared and then multiplied.   And with every step down the situation just got worse and the life units became more and more trapped in their own quagmire.

When a life unit moves into and begins to identify with a meat body civilization, it brings into existence a set of circumstances that permits the lower level mind to be in an almost constant state of activation from a recording state of operation to a commanding state of operation.  Thus the free life force of the life unit is essentially being enmeshed or captured in the turbulent recordings of the lower mind and the life unit continually has less and less of its life force available to it.

Life units pretending to be lower life organisms have located themselves in extremely fragile and transient circumstances.  In that the existence of the lower life organisms is so susceptible to injury and death in such a harsh environment as that of the physical universe, the life unit is continually experiencing impact, pain and unconsciousness via the incredibly fragile organism it has associated itself with, which just acts to further beef up the content and power of the lower level mind.  For instance, just the enormous multitude of experiences regarding the repetitive birth and death of the countless organisms that the life unit occupies and animates not to mention all that happens to the life unit occupied organism between birth and death, accounts for tremendous quantities of content in the lower mind.  Content that at any time may be triggered into activation upon the life unit bringing about a less than optimum level of survival behavior that ripples outward from the life unit adversely affecting other life.

You see.  Every step down leads to the next step down and, as mentioned previously, every step down is a smaller step than the one before.  And each and every step has its unique viewpoint of life.  As the journey downward continues the games never end but keep getting smaller, more complicated, more serious, more uncomfortable, more painful, more deadly and the life unit continues to be increasingly less aware. The life unit goes into complete denial as to where, what and who it really is.  It cannot confront taking any responsibility for creating the condition it finds itself in so creates all manner of invisible all knowing all-powerful deities or deity to praise for its good fortune or blame for its misfortunes (the Babylonians, for example, had somewhere in the vicinity of 65,000 gods they had brought into existence).  And since the life unit cannot confront its own responsibility in creating the condition it is in, it forfeits control of its life and is unable to change or stop this painful condition it finds itself fixed in, so as a way out, it pretends that the length of life of the organism it calls self is its own length of life.  And when the organism dies the life unit gets to escape to a place of eternal comfort that is free of any pain or struggle.  At least that’s what some of the life units create for themselves and others create myriads of other scenarios that allow for some form of escape from the seemingly never ending cycle of birth, struggle for survival, death, birth, struggle for survival, death, birth and so on and so on for what seems must be an eternity.

Life Gets A New Toy - #30 in the series

While the lower life force went about populating the diverse and ever-expanding star and planetary systems with lower level life forms; the kind and degrees of sophistication that you cannot begin to imagine…the life units continued to play their games within games within games in the illusion.  And as they played they dwindled in knowingness, ability and understanding.  And as they dwindled, their games became smaller and smaller in originality and scope, as well as, increasingly more complex.

Not all of the life units were involved in the design and installation of the recording machine and stimulus response mechanisms into the lower life force.  In fact, as mentioned earlier, a specialized group of life units had volunteered themselves to take this project on (they had mocked themselves up to be considered specialized).  In any event, this little group of life units had become quite enamored with their wonderful creation and they heavily promoted to other life units and groups of life units how incredible this recording device was that they had come up with and how well it was working out.  This infatuation with their creation and promotional activity went on for quite some time and then there came a moment when the life units of this particular group decided they too would like to have one of these recording devices.  Something of this sort could really be a big help to them too.  Of course, it would have to be far more sophisticated than the one they had engineered for the lower life force.  Also, this one would not require a stimulus response mechanism as the life unit was completely capable of instant response in times of posing danger and, besides, this wasn’t being designed with survival in mind and life certainly wasn’t concerned with protecting an organism.  This was looked at more as being a fun toy to play with than anything else.

So the work began.

Note: I want to elaborate a bit here on the typical relationship that the life units had with lower life forms. The lower life forms, at this stage in time, were just grist for the mill of play in regards to the life units. They picked them up as needed to animate and play some game they were playing with other life units. Or they would use them to populate a new planetary system they had just finished building. In any event, the life units didn’t put much attention on these lower life forms and had no qualms about their wholesale destruction (the supply was endless) in the playing of a game. The lower life force that was the sole proprietor of the lower life forms worked to make life forms that appealed to the life units and fulfilled a diversity of needs including sources of energy for other lower life forms. Thus, the food chain, or food web, comes into being as a sophisticated source of energy supply for the myriad to the ninth power varieties of organisms.
Eventually a recording device was designed, engineered, fabricated and soon started being used by the specialized group of life units. They thought it was a wonderful gadget and they had a great time with it. Well, they began to inform other life units about what a blast these things were and what a great time they were having and it didn’t take very long before everybody had to have one of these new gizmos. Thus came into being what was to eventually become the mind of the life unit.
We are now going to make another shift in viewpoint to a time much later than this but still very distant from present time. What we find is that there is not a life unit one that is playing in this illusion that does not have a mind. Now remember, a mind is a mechanical device that came into being more as a toy than anything else. The life unit definitely didn’t require it as a tool. But that was then. Now, many games later, many cycles of reducing knowingness in order to have a game later, we see that life now considers that possessing a mind is essential to existence. Life has reduced its knowingness to such a degree that it considers that it cannot know without data. Therefore, a mind is a must have and the life unit has thoroughly enmeshed the mind into itself. The mind stores data in consecutive increments of energy imprints within its various and myriad compartments in picture form. If a life unit wants to know something it just looks at the data stored in the memory banks of its mind. But, you say, “There was a lot that went on before the mind came into existence. What about that?” Well, because of how life views the mind coupled with the fact that the life units have come so far down the spiral, life units do not conceive that there was existence prior to the mind. In other words, the life units consider that life began with the mind. And yeah, this condition did not occur overnight so what about all the recordings the mind made when it was considered a new toy to play with? Well, for reasons of which I do not know, those early recordings, even though they’re definitely in the memory banks of the mind, have been occluded behind a wall of energy put there by the life unit. Perhaps this occurrence was just another way for life to have a good game.
Note: You know, I really don’t enjoy relaying certain parts of this story. The further we descend the spiral I find the story to increasingly become a very painful, embarrassing and sad story. It is the story of something i.e., life that is magnificent beyond comprehension being gradually whittled down to almost nothing. And who or what is doing this horrible thing to life? Life is! Life is doing itself in by way of its decisions. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can be done to life without life first agreeing to have it done and agreeing to be either the positive or adverse effect of it. Oh how knuckle headed we have been!
If this is not bad enough, it gets worse. Life, I guess, gets even lazier. It moves into this idea that it also needs a stimulus response device added to its mind. In other words, life just wants to be able to put a lot of activities on automatic and forget about them. Having this stimulus response mechanism would really help a lot. So, long story short, life gets its stimulus response mechanism added to its mind. Essentially this means that the life units now have as a part of their mind, the same crude stimulus response mind, that any organism in the physical universe has. Life units in the physical universe now have a higher level mind and a stimulus response lower level mind. It is good. Or so life considers.

Lower Life Force Is Created - #29 in the series

At some point in all of this enormous magnitude of randomity (random motion) life decided to create a life force that would be the ruling entity of all mocked-up lower life forms that the life units were continually populating their many star and planetary systems with.  I don’t really know much about the actual motivation behind this but it seems to me that life was getting a bit lazy in the game and wanted to just put these life form mock-ups on automatic pilot so to speak.  The life force they allocated for this (they each contributed a little speck of their own life force to this endeavor) was quite limited in its ability and awareness.  For example, it definitely had awareness but it was not given enough life force to possess an awareness of being aware.  It was given evaluation ability but just enough to perpetuate the continued creation, existence and diversity of life forms (organisms) without life units having to have a hand in it unless they wanted to.  And, of course, this lower level life force, having been created by life could be controlled by life.  But, know this, the lower level life force, having come from life, is indeed a part of life, is the essence of life, and because it is such it is eternal and is not a part of the illusion.  And when we at our present and enormously reduced state of awareness, in present time, examine and study the myriad and varied products of this lower life force, regardless of whether we are evolutionists, creationists or other, we marvel at and are in awe of the level of sophistication and ingenuity that is exemplified in these creations.

Life, in bringing this lower life force into existence, gave the lower live force a prime directive.  This prime directive was the concept Survive.  Of course, to life and even to this lower life force, surviving is a paradox because life cannot do anything else but survive.  However, for the purpose of the lower life force and its mission to perpetuate the creation, existence and diversity of lower life forms i.e., organisms, the prime directive of survive was, not only appropriate but also quite effective.

Note: I would like to remind you to bear in mind that where we are in our journey right now is still a tremendously long, long, long way from our present time.
One of the tools that a group of life units had designed for the lower level life force was a recording device.  The lower level life force was not given the ability to know without data, which was an ability inherent to life units. Not having the ability to know in the absence of data proved to be quite problematic for the lower level life force.  Observing this complication, this specific group of life units designed a machine of sorts that would make these incredibly detailed recordings of the present time environment that any part of this lower level life force happened to be involved in. And this recording machine was in existence even on a microbial level i.e., every individual cell of any living organism came to have one. Also, this highly sophisticated recording device came equipped with memory banks where every single recording made could be filed, stored and accessed by the lower level life force.  By the way, as a side note, the lower level life force that the life units brought into existence was allowed the ability to subdivide itself and its awareness and attention on an infinite scale.  Now, back to this recording machine.  This special tool made its recordings as specialized energy imprints of the environment every twenty-fourth of a second or so.  And these imprints were made in picture form.  The lower level life force would analyze and evaluate the data contained in these recordings to assist it in evolving any particular line of lower life form into a condition bettered suited to survival.  Remember, to this lower level life force it’s all about survival.  Anyway, the machine also had a stimulus response mechanism installed to help the lower level life forms survive.  Having the stimulus response mechanism allowed the lower level life force to be bypassed in times where the survival of the organism was being immediately threatened. The lower level life force could not respond to a threat to survival fast enough to be effective and rather than give more ability to the lower level life force so that it could respond effectively, the life units chose to install this mechanism instead.  It was designed to operate in precise synchronization with the recording device.   Thus came into being the mind of any organism.

Note: any lower life form is completely STS (service to self). An organism, regardless of how simple or complex, is primarily concerned with survival of self. A mother will instinctively act to protect her young as a means to safeguard the survival of the species but, if worse comes to worse, will flee to protect herself in order to bear offspring another day. If it appears to be and acts to demonstrate beyond an isolated concern for self then know that it is being influenced by a life unit to do so. When life units begin to associate and animate lower life forms these species so influenced suddenly demonstrate concepts of morals, ethics, courage, honor, character, and so on. But the organism operating on its own programs is totally STS.

Life's Creation Increases In Complexity - #28 in the series

I want to return to the entrance and agreement with the lie that life can hurt and be hurt.  I want to describe for you some mechanics that came into play in the game because of this lie.  Almost immediately after this lie regarding life agreeing to be able to hurt and be hurt, the concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, came into being with the concepts of blame, shame and regret not being very far behind.

Life is good.  There is no harm, pain, hurt, bad or evil in life.  Life is inherently and only good.  Life is truth and good is truth.  Any concepts of hurt, bad and evil can only exist because life considers they exist.  The idea that life can hurt life brings forth, for the first time, the manifestation of the concept of something being not good, wrong, bad, evil, etc.  When a life unit is convinced it has hurt something, especially another life unit, the life unit supposedly doing the hurting suddenly mocks-up the feelings of regret and guilt.  Note: the life unit has to mock these feelings up in order for them to be there.  The life unit does not intend to hurt but being convinced that it has hurt now mocks-up feeling bad about having done so.  The life unit doesn’t like this feeling and decides that in order to not hurt again it must reduce its capabilities and withhold itself.  And, as a way of protecting the area from its bad actions, the life unit compels itself to withdraw from the area where it has caused hurt/damage.  Thus, life is protecting that which it has hurt from again being its victim. And this mechanic is exceptionally noteworthy due to the fact that it acts as a particularly powerful self-disabling factor for a life unit to impose upon self that greatly accelerates the life unit’s descent on the dwindling spiral and further and further away from the original game and objective. 

Another mechanic of this that begins to kick in here is that the life unit after being convinced that it can and has caused hurt, damage, disparagement, etc., craves a reason to explain or justify why it has caused this harm. Life wants a way to make this harmful act okay. The life unit considers that if it has a justifiable reason for causing the harm then the action of harming is minimized to the point of actually being an acceptable thing to have done.  Of course, having this justification opens the door for it to be okay for the harmful action to be repeated.  But every time the life unit is convinced it has caused harm it will, despite the justifications, despite how “okay” it all is, reduce its abilities and withdraw, to some degree, from the area.  And here is where the dwindling spiral becomes a steep slide. Here is where the “secrets” start to accumulate and pile up.  And the more secrets the less communication there is and the less communication there is the less life there is. The life unit begins to descend very rapidly.  But rapidly at this level and rapidly at the level where we currently reside are not even comparable.  Also, at this upper level the kinds of harm a life unit can be accused of by another life unit is something along the lines of, “Hey, you just destroyed my entire system of galaxies and all my trillions of lower life form mock-ups!  You have really hurt me!”  And, at this point, the real game was in the action of convincing another life unit that it had hurt you and, at the same time, keeping yourself from being convinced that you had hurt anything. There were no real repercussions. At least as how we would consider repercussions looking at it from our current perspective from where we are on the spiral staircase.

In observing the above mechanics it’s not much of a stretch to see that what would eventually come into being would be a movement for the life units to come to some sort of an agreement amongst themselves delineating what was going to be considered right and what was going to be considered wrong in the game.  And this movement would eventually evolve into the establishment of all manner of moral codes and codes of ethics.  However, at this stage of life’s involvement in the illusion and the introduction of this new lie, there is not a consensus of agreement between all the life units as to what is to be considered right and what is to be considered wrong and when it’s supposed to be considered what.  Thus the game descends into even more complexity.  Life units begin to break off into separate groups, clubs, fraternities, guilds, coalitions, etc., that come up with their own unique set of considerations and agreements on what is right and what is wrong and when it is what it is.  And these considerations and agreements are in a constant state of flux. Also, these agreements vary wildly and widely from group to group and many are in opposition to one another.  So life begins to manifest frequent disagreements with other life that does not agree the way that it does and this set of circumstances just becomes the most recent link of what is a very long chain of odd facets of the primary game of bringing order to chaos.