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Friday, May 27, 2011

An Inept Doorman - #32 in the series

Now for some good news.  Not all of the life units chose to go down the dwindling spiral staircase as quickly as others.  There continues to be many life units playing in the illusion at the uppermost levels and, actually, at all the intermediate levels too.  Life, in the illusion, is in various stages of play.  But, for sure, all those life units that devolved to the point of denying where, what and who they really are, and are now considering themselves to be nothing more than meat bodies serving or not serving some supreme entity(s) or another, are most definitely off the illusion’s primary game board.  They are looked upon, by other life units still high in the game, as the shattered pieces.  By the way, when a life unit is still considered to be in the major game, there is no concept of work. It is only when a life unit dwindles off the major game board that the concept of work shows up. You could say that work is a penalty that life inflicts upon itself for not playing the senior game.

Well, I thought that was going to be good news but when you get down to the end it really doesn’t sound all that good does it?

We have come a very long way from a place that is not a place, to the creation of the physical universe illusion, to the beginning of time and then through time and various events of some importance in the illusion to almost the present.  Yes, we have come a long way but there is still a bit more left to show and tell in this unusual journey of ours.  As you might imagine, I have left out immense volumes of details and stories galore as we have made our journey.  There is so very much more that I could tell you but the truth is, that the rest of the story and the details are there for you to discover for yourself.  I am just the doorman and not a very good one at that.  I have just arrived on the scene to meet you at the curb and then escort you up a few steps or maybe we use the ramp instead, but whatever short path we take we’ll still arrive at the same location. In any event, all I can do is indicate where the door might be. See what I mean? If I was a good doorman I would not only find the door for you I would open it too. In reality, the actual journey has not yet even begun.  If you decide to continue further and are able to locate your door and then step across the threshold, you will not be alone on the other side.  I assure you that there are competent guides waiting to assist you.  I know this for a fact. 

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