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Friday, May 27, 2011

Life Gets A Meat Body - #31 in the series

All right. We are now once again shifting our point of view and we find ourselves somewhere in the vicinity of one hundred and fifty trillion years or so (give or take twenty-five trillion) from present time.
In the beginning life thought the addition of the lower stimulus response mind was an incredible thing. However, there was much about the mechanics of this device that life did not understand and did not bother to understand. For example, life did not realize or understand that the lower level mind, with each recording that it made, was actually entrapping a degree of the life unit’s agitated life force within that recording that included impact, pain and unconsciousness. And, of course, as the life unit was consistently dwindling its awareness and abilities in order to have a game and then, because it kept doing bad things, it was continually reducing its abilities in an attempt to protect others from harm from itself. Finally, if this wasn’t enough, the lower mind was consistently trapping more and more life force, which also reduced the power of the life unit and built up the content of turbulent energy entrapped in the lower mind, hence, the mechanics of the lower mind remained completely obscure. In fact, the life unit eventually got to a point where it was not remotely cognizant that it even had, or ever had, a lower mind. In other words, the lower mind came to exist beneath the life unit’s level of awareness i.e., to the life unit there was no lower level mind and never had been. 

When we got ourselves on the downward side of the spiral staircase I suppose that we never even looked back.  We just kept taking one downward step after another.  And because we continually were reducing our knowingness, abilities and sphere of influence within the illusion, we never even noticed that each step we took was a bit smaller than the one before it.  But one thing is for sure and that is that every step down that we have taken lead us to taking the next downward step.

Well, from where we are in time in our journey, the next step down on the downward side of the spiral staircase was where life started to become oddly fascinated by lower life forms.  Do you recall me telling you the typical relationship that the life units had with the lower life forms?  Boy, by this time, has that ever changed!  Now, all of a sudden (whatever all of a sudden means when you’re talking in trillions of years), life is finding these lower life forms very appealing and they are particularly attracted to the sensations that these forms are emanating.  For example, those sensations generated in the act of reproduction and eating are exceptionally attractive to the life unit.  Sensations, which, by the way, are very low level sensations.

It doesn’t take much extrapolation to see where this is going.  Life begins to associate very closely with lower life forms of all types and shapes in all parts of the universe.  The lower life force has done its job remarkably well as there is a plethora of amazing life forms/organisms in existence.  Little by little the life units literally begin to move into and take over the controls of the lower life form species and this is where things really begin to get disgustingly interesting.  We now have life degraded to such a low level that it is pretending to be a lower life form.  We have life units with their higher and lower minds joining with living organisms that have only lower minds and memories on a cellular level but all the minds have their recordings in picture form and there is now confusion between those recordings of the life units’ minds and those recordings of the organisms’ minds.  In other words, the recordings get scrambled and you have situations where a life unit is looking at the picture recording made by the mind of an organism and the life unit’s mind makes a duplicate recording to file in its memory banks but it never was an actual experience of the life unit but now acts as a legitimate memory of the life unit.  The life unit considers that there is just one mind and that is the mind of the life unit.  The life unit has long ceased to be aware of ever having a lower mind installed and it certainly isn’t aware of the mind of the organism.  As you can see, this can get really, really, complicated.  Now add on over a hundred trillion years of recordings made by a life unit as it has existed in meat body societies and then you have complication squared and then multiplied.   And with every step down the situation just got worse and the life units became more and more trapped in their own quagmire.

When a life unit moves into and begins to identify with a meat body civilization, it brings into existence a set of circumstances that permits the lower level mind to be in an almost constant state of activation from a recording state of operation to a commanding state of operation.  Thus the free life force of the life unit is essentially being enmeshed or captured in the turbulent recordings of the lower mind and the life unit continually has less and less of its life force available to it.

Life units pretending to be lower life organisms have located themselves in extremely fragile and transient circumstances.  In that the existence of the lower life organisms is so susceptible to injury and death in such a harsh environment as that of the physical universe, the life unit is continually experiencing impact, pain and unconsciousness via the incredibly fragile organism it has associated itself with, which just acts to further beef up the content and power of the lower level mind.  For instance, just the enormous multitude of experiences regarding the repetitive birth and death of the countless organisms that the life unit occupies and animates not to mention all that happens to the life unit occupied organism between birth and death, accounts for tremendous quantities of content in the lower mind.  Content that at any time may be triggered into activation upon the life unit bringing about a less than optimum level of survival behavior that ripples outward from the life unit adversely affecting other life.

You see.  Every step down leads to the next step down and, as mentioned previously, every step down is a smaller step than the one before.  And each and every step has its unique viewpoint of life.  As the journey downward continues the games never end but keep getting smaller, more complicated, more serious, more uncomfortable, more painful, more deadly and the life unit continues to be increasingly less aware. The life unit goes into complete denial as to where, what and who it really is.  It cannot confront taking any responsibility for creating the condition it finds itself in so creates all manner of invisible all knowing all-powerful deities or deity to praise for its good fortune or blame for its misfortunes (the Babylonians, for example, had somewhere in the vicinity of 65,000 gods they had brought into existence).  And since the life unit cannot confront its own responsibility in creating the condition it is in, it forfeits control of its life and is unable to change or stop this painful condition it finds itself fixed in, so as a way out, it pretends that the length of life of the organism it calls self is its own length of life.  And when the organism dies the life unit gets to escape to a place of eternal comfort that is free of any pain or struggle.  At least that’s what some of the life units create for themselves and others create myriads of other scenarios that allow for some form of escape from the seemingly never ending cycle of birth, struggle for survival, death, birth, struggle for survival, death, birth and so on and so on for what seems must be an eternity.

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