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Friday, May 27, 2011

Lower Life Force Is Created - #29 in the series

At some point in all of this enormous magnitude of randomity (random motion) life decided to create a life force that would be the ruling entity of all mocked-up lower life forms that the life units were continually populating their many star and planetary systems with.  I don’t really know much about the actual motivation behind this but it seems to me that life was getting a bit lazy in the game and wanted to just put these life form mock-ups on automatic pilot so to speak.  The life force they allocated for this (they each contributed a little speck of their own life force to this endeavor) was quite limited in its ability and awareness.  For example, it definitely had awareness but it was not given enough life force to possess an awareness of being aware.  It was given evaluation ability but just enough to perpetuate the continued creation, existence and diversity of life forms (organisms) without life units having to have a hand in it unless they wanted to.  And, of course, this lower level life force, having been created by life could be controlled by life.  But, know this, the lower level life force, having come from life, is indeed a part of life, is the essence of life, and because it is such it is eternal and is not a part of the illusion.  And when we at our present and enormously reduced state of awareness, in present time, examine and study the myriad and varied products of this lower life force, regardless of whether we are evolutionists, creationists or other, we marvel at and are in awe of the level of sophistication and ingenuity that is exemplified in these creations.

Life, in bringing this lower life force into existence, gave the lower live force a prime directive.  This prime directive was the concept Survive.  Of course, to life and even to this lower life force, surviving is a paradox because life cannot do anything else but survive.  However, for the purpose of the lower life force and its mission to perpetuate the creation, existence and diversity of lower life forms i.e., organisms, the prime directive of survive was, not only appropriate but also quite effective.

Note: I would like to remind you to bear in mind that where we are in our journey right now is still a tremendously long, long, long way from our present time.
One of the tools that a group of life units had designed for the lower level life force was a recording device.  The lower level life force was not given the ability to know without data, which was an ability inherent to life units. Not having the ability to know in the absence of data proved to be quite problematic for the lower level life force.  Observing this complication, this specific group of life units designed a machine of sorts that would make these incredibly detailed recordings of the present time environment that any part of this lower level life force happened to be involved in. And this recording machine was in existence even on a microbial level i.e., every individual cell of any living organism came to have one. Also, this highly sophisticated recording device came equipped with memory banks where every single recording made could be filed, stored and accessed by the lower level life force.  By the way, as a side note, the lower level life force that the life units brought into existence was allowed the ability to subdivide itself and its awareness and attention on an infinite scale.  Now, back to this recording machine.  This special tool made its recordings as specialized energy imprints of the environment every twenty-fourth of a second or so.  And these imprints were made in picture form.  The lower level life force would analyze and evaluate the data contained in these recordings to assist it in evolving any particular line of lower life form into a condition bettered suited to survival.  Remember, to this lower level life force it’s all about survival.  Anyway, the machine also had a stimulus response mechanism installed to help the lower level life forms survive.  Having the stimulus response mechanism allowed the lower level life force to be bypassed in times where the survival of the organism was being immediately threatened. The lower level life force could not respond to a threat to survival fast enough to be effective and rather than give more ability to the lower level life force so that it could respond effectively, the life units chose to install this mechanism instead.  It was designed to operate in precise synchronization with the recording device.   Thus came into being the mind of any organism.

Note: any lower life form is completely STS (service to self). An organism, regardless of how simple or complex, is primarily concerned with survival of self. A mother will instinctively act to protect her young as a means to safeguard the survival of the species but, if worse comes to worse, will flee to protect herself in order to bear offspring another day. If it appears to be and acts to demonstrate beyond an isolated concern for self then know that it is being influenced by a life unit to do so. When life units begin to associate and animate lower life forms these species so influenced suddenly demonstrate concepts of morals, ethics, courage, honor, character, and so on. But the organism operating on its own programs is totally STS.

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