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Friday, May 27, 2011

Life Gets A New Toy - #30 in the series

While the lower life force went about populating the diverse and ever-expanding star and planetary systems with lower level life forms; the kind and degrees of sophistication that you cannot begin to imagine…the life units continued to play their games within games within games in the illusion.  And as they played they dwindled in knowingness, ability and understanding.  And as they dwindled, their games became smaller and smaller in originality and scope, as well as, increasingly more complex.

Not all of the life units were involved in the design and installation of the recording machine and stimulus response mechanisms into the lower life force.  In fact, as mentioned earlier, a specialized group of life units had volunteered themselves to take this project on (they had mocked themselves up to be considered specialized).  In any event, this little group of life units had become quite enamored with their wonderful creation and they heavily promoted to other life units and groups of life units how incredible this recording device was that they had come up with and how well it was working out.  This infatuation with their creation and promotional activity went on for quite some time and then there came a moment when the life units of this particular group decided they too would like to have one of these recording devices.  Something of this sort could really be a big help to them too.  Of course, it would have to be far more sophisticated than the one they had engineered for the lower life force.  Also, this one would not require a stimulus response mechanism as the life unit was completely capable of instant response in times of posing danger and, besides, this wasn’t being designed with survival in mind and life certainly wasn’t concerned with protecting an organism.  This was looked at more as being a fun toy to play with than anything else.

So the work began.

Note: I want to elaborate a bit here on the typical relationship that the life units had with lower life forms. The lower life forms, at this stage in time, were just grist for the mill of play in regards to the life units. They picked them up as needed to animate and play some game they were playing with other life units. Or they would use them to populate a new planetary system they had just finished building. In any event, the life units didn’t put much attention on these lower life forms and had no qualms about their wholesale destruction (the supply was endless) in the playing of a game. The lower life force that was the sole proprietor of the lower life forms worked to make life forms that appealed to the life units and fulfilled a diversity of needs including sources of energy for other lower life forms. Thus, the food chain, or food web, comes into being as a sophisticated source of energy supply for the myriad to the ninth power varieties of organisms.
Eventually a recording device was designed, engineered, fabricated and soon started being used by the specialized group of life units. They thought it was a wonderful gadget and they had a great time with it. Well, they began to inform other life units about what a blast these things were and what a great time they were having and it didn’t take very long before everybody had to have one of these new gizmos. Thus came into being what was to eventually become the mind of the life unit.
We are now going to make another shift in viewpoint to a time much later than this but still very distant from present time. What we find is that there is not a life unit one that is playing in this illusion that does not have a mind. Now remember, a mind is a mechanical device that came into being more as a toy than anything else. The life unit definitely didn’t require it as a tool. But that was then. Now, many games later, many cycles of reducing knowingness in order to have a game later, we see that life now considers that possessing a mind is essential to existence. Life has reduced its knowingness to such a degree that it considers that it cannot know without data. Therefore, a mind is a must have and the life unit has thoroughly enmeshed the mind into itself. The mind stores data in consecutive increments of energy imprints within its various and myriad compartments in picture form. If a life unit wants to know something it just looks at the data stored in the memory banks of its mind. But, you say, “There was a lot that went on before the mind came into existence. What about that?” Well, because of how life views the mind coupled with the fact that the life units have come so far down the spiral, life units do not conceive that there was existence prior to the mind. In other words, the life units consider that life began with the mind. And yeah, this condition did not occur overnight so what about all the recordings the mind made when it was considered a new toy to play with? Well, for reasons of which I do not know, those early recordings, even though they’re definitely in the memory banks of the mind, have been occluded behind a wall of energy put there by the life unit. Perhaps this occurrence was just another way for life to have a good game.
Note: You know, I really don’t enjoy relaying certain parts of this story. The further we descend the spiral I find the story to increasingly become a very painful, embarrassing and sad story. It is the story of something i.e., life that is magnificent beyond comprehension being gradually whittled down to almost nothing. And who or what is doing this horrible thing to life? Life is! Life is doing itself in by way of its decisions. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can be done to life without life first agreeing to have it done and agreeing to be either the positive or adverse effect of it. Oh how knuckle headed we have been!
If this is not bad enough, it gets worse. Life, I guess, gets even lazier. It moves into this idea that it also needs a stimulus response device added to its mind. In other words, life just wants to be able to put a lot of activities on automatic and forget about them. Having this stimulus response mechanism would really help a lot. So, long story short, life gets its stimulus response mechanism added to its mind. Essentially this means that the life units now have as a part of their mind, the same crude stimulus response mind, that any organism in the physical universe has. Life units in the physical universe now have a higher level mind and a stimulus response lower level mind. It is good. Or so life considers.

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